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Located in Toronto, Korbitec is a software development company focusing on document automation software products and training for the legal profession.

The entire process of creating court documents and standard correspondence is handled with the Automated Civil Litigation (ACL) software, which enters and stores all client, opposing party and court information.

Documents that can be automated include all estate and Federal Court forms, bankruptcy and insolvency forms, releases, agreements, orders, a pre- and post-judgment calculator, and more than 100 standard letters. Firms may also add and organize their own precedent clauses.

Founded in 1976, the firm started in the legal market with GhostWriter, a word processor developed for lawyers. Other legal applications, initially for the real estate and mortgage markets, were then introduced.

Focusing on the legal community, the company developed gateways for banks and lawyers to transmit confidential mortgage instructions and documentation. In addition, Korbitec recently developed GhostPractice, a management tool for law firms encompassing time management, accounting, and correspondence.

Alan Bass, president of Korbitec, has spent more than 20 years in the technology arena. He was president of Digimerge Technologies Inc. and COO of Lorex Canada Inc./Lorex International Inc., where he was responsible for domestic and international growth in the consumer and professional markets.

Mr. Bass was also COO of business-to-business e-commerce solution providers EC-Gate and president and COO of Aztech New Media Corporation, a software publisher of content for the consumer and small business market.

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