Kevin Fisher

Kevin Fisher
Gardiner Roberts LLP
Commercial Litigation, Employment & Labour, Intellectual Property

Kevin W. Fisher, a partner with the Toronto firm Gardiner Roberts LLP, focuses his law practice on commercial disputes involving contract interpretation, shareholder and partnership issues, oppressive conduct, fraud investigations, and debtor/creditor matters for companies and individuals.

He received his Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in History from the University of New Brunswick and his Bachelor of Laws from York University's Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto. He was admitted to the New Brunswick Bar in 1994 and to the Ontario Bar in 1996.

Mr. Fisher acts as counsel to creditors involved in disputes under Bankruptcy and Insolvency legislation and the Personal Property Security Act, as well as for companies and individuals involved in employment and wrongful dismissal matters for both litigation and non-litigation cases.

He has experience in the construction industry and has acted on behalf of clients in contractual issues and lien matters under the Construction Lien Act. In addition, Mr. Fisher has experience in intellectual property law and has acted on many cases for copyright and trademark legislation and commercial rights related to international television programming and major sports broadcasts.

He is a member of the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada and the Ontario Bar Association Civil Litigation Executive. He is a past council member of the Canadian Bar Association Provincial and National Councils and is past Chair of the Ontario Bar Associations Young Lawyers Divisions Continuing Legal Education committee.

Mr. Fisher is a frequent speaker before the Ontario Bar Association on litigation, advocacy, and collection and enforcement issues.

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