Ken H. Nathens

Ken H. Nathens
Nathens, Siegel LLP
Founding Partner
Family, Mediation

Ken Nathens, founding partner of the Toronto firm Nathens, Siegel Barristers LLP, is a certified family law specialist and he also conducts negotiations, mediations and arbitrations in family law matters.

He received upper-class honours when graduating with a combined Civil Law and Common Law degree from McGill University in 1992 and earned his Master of Laws in family law from Osgoode Hall Law School in 2014. Mr. Nathens was called to the Ontario Bar in 1994.

Mr. Nathens handles all kinds of family law matters, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, as well as court litigation. He has appeared before all court levels in Ontario, including the Ontario Court of Appeal.

In 2010, Mr. Nathens was certified by the Law Society of Ontario as a specialist in family law. Also in 2010, he was appointed as a dispute resolution officer of the Ontario Superior Court, Family Division in Newmarket, Ont. where he assisted litigants to narrow or resolve issues in the early stages of court proceedings.

Mr. Nathens has written extensively about Ontario family law issues, including articles published in Divorce Magazine and Family Lawyer Magazine on such topics as collaborative family law and law reform.

He has also been a guest lecturer discussing family law topics at the University of Windsor Faculty of Law and before staff and members of the Ontario Federation of Labour.

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