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Justice fallout from Drummond Report

Toronto criminal lawyers John Rosen and Sam Goldstein talk to Law Times reporter Kendyl Sebesta about the ramifications of the Drummond Report in Ontario. Read Story in Law Times 

Rosen says he doesn't think transferring to the federal government responsibility for incarcerating inmates serving sentences over six months is the best route to take.  

“To turn them over to the feds to do as they wish is ludicrous,” says Rosen. “Not just as someone who is a defence counsel, but as someone who is directly involved in the courts everyday, I sometimes have to wonder, what are we accomplishing?”

But Goldstein says the report has good news for defence lawyers.

“The Drummond report implies the McGuinty government is plea bargaining more cases out of the criminal courts to balance the province’s budget,” says Goldstein. “The report shows the biggest expenditures are salaries at 70 per cent of the total budget. That’s the first largest expenditure for the province. The second largest is the cost of keeping people in jail prior to their trials.”

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