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Guilty plea, assisting police factored into man's sentencing

The 21-year-old man found guilty of manslaughter in the death of a Markham woman last year pleaded guilty and assisted police in the investigation, which were factors the judge considered in sentencing him, Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen tells CTV News

“He took it as a young man with little experience who was introverted and suffering chronic pain,” he says. “It’s reflective of the person that he is and the problems that he has. It’s not that he didn’t feel badly about what happened, he did, and he certainly went on to assist the police and plead guilty. I don’t know what more you can expect.”

Rosen, founder of Rosen & Company Barristers, represented Jiarui (Jerry) Tang, who was sentenced to seven years in prison — minus time served — for the death of 36-year-old Ying Chun (Annie) Li, reports the broadcaster. 

Li was reported missing in June 2016 and police later characterized her disappearance as suspicious, says the online article. In January, her body was identified after remains were found in a park near Yonge Street and Sheppard Avenue, says CTV.

“Tang, according to the documents, hired Li on two or three occasions where he paid her $800 for sexual services at a hotel,” reports CTV. “On the night that she was killed, Li met with Tang for dinner and a movie before going to his apartment," says the article.

"Once there, Li told Tang she was pregnant, demanded he give her money and threatened to tell his mother if he didn’t. According to the statement of facts, Tang admitted to retaliating and a struggle ensued. At some point, Tang held Li down with his elbow pressed against her neck with such force that it eventually caused her death,” it says. 

“It’s unclear if Li was in fact pregnant at the time of her death,” says the article. 

Rosen and the Crown agreed on a suggested sentence of seven years, less pre-trial custody. 

Tang, who is from China, will likely face deportation, says Rosen.

“Mr. Tang is a permanent resident, that’s his status. I expect that, under the Immigration Act, this conviction and sentence will ultimately result in his deportation back to China when he’s eligible for parole, whenever the parole board decides to deal with him,” he says.

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