John Navarrete

John Navarrete
Neuberger & Partners LLP
Criminal Law

John Navarrete, a partner with the Toronto firm Neuberger & Partners LLP, focuses on criminal law and quasi-criminal matters, including professional disciplinary hearings before administrative tribunals.

Mr. Navarrete earned a Bachelor of Arts (Specialized Honours) in History from York University in 1999 before graduating in 2003 from the Faculty of Law at the University of Windsor, where he was awarded the Alvin D. Flom Award for the highest standing in civil litigation. He was admitted to the Ontario Bar in 2004.

While articling with Cassels, Brock and Blackwell LLP, Mr. Navarrete completed an intensive litigation rotation with Edward L. Greenspan, and returned to that firm as an associate from 2004 to 2008. He has also worked as an Assistant Crown Attorney with the Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario.

Mr. Navarrete has appeared before all levels of court in Ontario, including the Ontario Court of Appeal. He has also co-written many articles, including how criminal law impacts family law proceedings, and is a contributor to the Toronto Lawyers Association's Toronto Law Journal.

He is a member of the Law Society of Ontario, the Canadian Bar Association (Ontario), the Advocates' Society, the Toronto Lawyers Association and the Criminal Lawyers' Association.

John Navarrete Posts

The impact of arrest on a young person's future

By John Navarrete . “Good habits formed at youth make all the difference” – Aristotle Read more

Are you facing professional misconduct charges as an accountant?

By John Navarrete . As an accountant in Ontario, you would not have been where you are without investing substantial resources into gaining the qualifications necessary to practice your profession. For this reason, society typically holds CPAs to high standards of conduct. If you face allegations of misconduct, your personal and professional reputation could suffer significant harm that might even have long-term consequences. Read more

The implications of a criminal record

By John Navarrete . The concept of a criminal record can seem vague. From understanding the difference between a crime and a provincial offence to knowing who may access a criminal record, it is important to be well-informed. Read more

Dealing with accusations of professional misconduct as a teacher

By John Navarrete . Professional misconduct among educators in Ontario can take on different forms, and the severity can range from allegations of harm done directly to students to acts that could be detrimental to the profession. Misconduct charges against educators do not always involve actions that occurred on campus, nor do they always involve members of the school or college community. Unfortunately, almost all allegations of misconduct are severe and could have dire consequences — even if there are no grounds for them. Read more

Ontario sexual assault cases to get outside review

By John Navarrete . Certain criminal cases will soon be reviewed by an independent body. Sexual assault cases in various areas of Ontario and in Calgary, Alberta, will be reviewed by a panel comprised of experts who work with domestic and sexual violence survivors. The proposed three-year project is the brainchild of the Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women and the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre. Funding is coming from Status of Women Canada. Read more

Racial divide in criminal charges for marijuana use in Toronto

By John Navarrete . Toronto, Ont. is often seen as a multicultural city where multiple races enjoy opportunity and equality. However, a Toronto Star analysis recently showed that Black people in the city are disproportionately arrested for small amounts of marijuana possession. Data also shows that Black people in Toronto are more likely to be stopped by police on the street than white people. This can lead to criminal charges with long-term consequences. Read more

Crowded Ontario courts: many charges for violent crimes withdrawn

By John Navarrete . In Ontario, nearly half of all criminal charges are withdrawn before trial. This rate outpaces every other part of Canada. A recent report suggests that screening police charges to assess whether they are frivolous charges or involve truly violent crimes could be the solution to this large number of withdrawals and long waits for trial across Ontario. Read more

New bill could allow police more leeway to stop impaired driving

By John Navarrete . In most cases, simple suspicion is insufficient grounds for a police officer to detain a citizen. Probable cause is required in most instances before an officer may probe a matter further. Proposed new federal legislation may give police the right to partially circumvent that necessity in an effort to reduce impaired driving in Ontario, and across the country. Read more

Two drivers walk free after a violation of rights

By John Navarrete . Drivers in Ontario who are accused of driving while intoxicated may find two recent court rulings interesting. These cases show how important it is for drivers to take note of every step that law enforcement takes during a traffic stop and while conducting tests to determine blood alcohol levels. Even the slightest deviance from prescribed procedures may ruin the case of the Crown when an impaired driving case goes to court. Read more

False accusations of domestic assault are a growing trend

By John Navarrete . There is no question that spousal abuse is a heinous crime in Ontario. Its victims are often vulnerable and emotionally damaged by long-term mistreatment. This is why domestic assault is rightly taken seriously by law enforcement and advocates. However, the high-profile nature of the cause has also allowed it to be misused too often. When this happens, a person who is innocent may face detrimental consequences from one accusation. Read more

Police to test devices that screen drivers for illegal drugs

By John Navarrete . As every Canadian of voting age is doubtless aware, the federal government is planning to move ahead with its campaign promise to legalize marijuana. Police across the country are trying to prepare for seeing more drivers under the influence of illegal drugs . Here at home, Toronto Police are about to begin testing devices they feel may be useful in the fight against impaired drivers. Read more

Local restaurant owner charged with drug trafficking

By John Navarrete . Allegations of criminal behaviour should always be taken seriously and dealt with appropriately. Drug-related charges can be especially difficult to deal with and may be highly disruptive to the accused person's life. A Toronto business owner facing charges of drug trafficking now knows this firsthand. Read more

Police opinion on impaired driving could count as expert

By John Navarrete . Determining whether a driver has been impaired by alcohol is usually a straightforward matter. By administering a breath test, a police officer can tell with some certainty if an individual has a blood alcohol level that exceeds the legal limit in Ontario. However, what happens in cases in which impaired driving is believed to be the result of drug use? Read more

Man charged with impaired driving claims to have been sleeping

By John Navarrete . When it comes to the law, things are seldom black and white. No matter how plain a matter may seem to be, sometimes there's an unlikely explanation that comes to light during a case. For one man a late night in Toronto led to a tragic incidence of impaired driving with a potentially bizarre twist. Read more

Drug-impaired drivers will be subject to more suspensions

By John Navarrete . According to the Toronto Sun , beginning on Oct. 2, Ontario law enforcement will have broader power in roadside stops. A police officer will then be allowed to issue “escalating roadside driving suspensions of three, seven or 30 days” if the officer has a reasonable belief that the driver in question was driving while impaired by the use of drugs . Read more