John McLeish

John McLeish
McLeish Orlando LLP
Founding Partner
Personal Injury

A founding partner of McLeish Orlando LLP in Toronto, John McLeish represents individuals and their families who have suffered losses through a serious or catastrophic critical injury, or death of a loved one.

Mr. McLeish received his law degree from Dalhousie University after graduating with honours from the University of Western Ontario with a B.A. in Economics.

His areas of focus include traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, serious orthopaedic injuries, and fatal accidents arising from motor vehicle collisions, drunk driving, the excessive serving of alcohol by bars and restaurants, unsafe road and highways, pedestrian accidents, cycling accidents, boating accidents and school negligence cases.

In 2000 the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association established the John A. McLeish Award which is awarded to a person, association or group which has made an outstanding contribution to the goals of a fair trial and access to justice as an advocate, legal scholarship, continuing legal education, legal writing, journalism, politics or government.

Mr. McLeish is the co-author of four books on personal injury litigation, one of which is focused on traumatic brain injury cases.

John McLeish Posts

Province's changes to auto insurance should go further: McLeish

Proposed changes to benefits for catastrophically injured patients is good news, but Toronto critical injury lawyer John McLeish tells Law Times he is cautiously hopeful that Premier Doug Ford's new government will return to the older definition of ‘catastrophically impaired.’ Read more

Ontario’s 2019 auto insurance reform — a step in the right direction

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The duty of an insurance broker to offer additional coverage

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PTSD and the availability of aggravated damages

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Important steps to take after a slip and fall

By John McLeish and Courtney Stewart. You have been injured after a slip and fall – now what? If you have slipped and fallen on someone else’s property due to the negligent care of that property, you may be entitled to compensation under either the Occupier’s Liability Act or the Municipal Act, 2001. Read more

Fire Marshal conducting tests in light of 'flame-jetting' injuries

News that the Office of Ontario's Fire Marshal will conduct tests to better understand how hand-held fuel containers could ignite and inadvertently become flame-throwers when used around products like ethanol-fuelled lamps is a step in the right direction, says Toronto personal injury lawyer John McLeish. Read more

Back to safety: keeping kids safe on the way to school

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The danger of household fire products

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Lawyers should provide planning options for settlement funds

When a personal injury matter settles or is successful at trial, plaintiff counsel should assist clients with their next steps, Toronto critical injury lawyer John McLeish tells Read more

Court decision on waivers bad news for public safety

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The two uses of examination for discovery evidence at trial

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Goals at examinations for discovery

By John McLeish and Joe Gaynor. Examination for discovery is one of the most important steps in the litigation process. Examination for discovery allows a party in a civil case to examine, under oath, the opposing party orally before trial. Read more

New research helps prove future economic loss claims for plaintiffs with TBIs

A new landmark study on the risk of dementia for individuals who have suffered traumatic brain injuries is a help to plaintiffs with potential future economic loss claims, Toronto critical injury lawyer John McLeish tells Read more