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MKD provides surveillance for insurance companies, corporations

MKD International Inc. is often hired by insurance companies, law firms and corporations to conduct surveillance for a host of matters including workers' compensation, personal injury, insurance fraud investigations and employee-related issues, says the firm's managing director Jim Downs.  

“The reasons why surveillance is used in these types of matters are wide and varied — and they are on the rise,” he says. 

“In the personal injury side of things, there are claims stemming from auto accidents and other incidents resulting in injuries."

That surveillance forms part of the evidence submitted for personal injury court cases. 

Downs, a former Toronto police detective, says his firm frequently provides background information for law firms on a claimant. 

The MKD team is primarily comprised of former members of the elite Toronto Police Service surveillance unit, as well as investigators previously from the RCMP, OPP, York Regional Police Service and other police services. MKD’s specialized surveillance team members have all received extensive training in high-level covert undercover and intelligence-gathering operations. They have many years of field experience tracking organized crime figures and other criminals, Downs explains. 

MKD uses state-of-the-art electronics equipment to conduct surveillance that is enhanced with audio and visual recording devices.

“Our firm’s experienced surveillance teams operate effectively, discreetly and professionally to obtain any necessary information,” Downs says. 

MKD also assists companies by providing surveillance when an employee is off work and is involved in a worker’s compensation claim, Downs says. 

The goal is to determine whether the employee is injured and to what extent the injury is preventing him from daily activities, including work duties, he says. 

The seasoned investigator says MKD is retained to provide surveillance on employees who are suspected of moonlighting for the competition.

“This happens and it can be quite problematic for the employer — it can be a big issue for companies, big or small,” he says. “It happens within the trades where an employee will also work for a company that is in direct competition.”

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