Jennifer Samara Shuber

Jennifer Samara Shuber
Gelman & Associates
ADR, Family, Mediation

Jennifer Samara Shuber is a lawyer with Gelman & Associates, who focuses her family law practice on mediation and all matters arising from separation, divorce and child-related issues.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Western Ontario in 1991, before earning her combined Bachelor of Laws and Master of Social Work from the University of Toronto in 1995. Ms. Shuber was called to the Ontario Bar in 1997.

Certified as a specialist in family law by the Law Society of Ontario and accredited as a mediator/arbitrator by the Ontario Association of Family Mediators, Ms. Shuber advises clients on all family law matters, including property, and support.

Representing both children and adults, Ms. Shuber has appeared at all Ontario levels of court, as well as in mediations and arbitrations. She has handled high-conflict cases, complex custody and access, and high-net-worth matters.

In addition to her legal work, Ms. Shuber lectures at the Faculties of Law and Social Work and in the combined J.D./M.S.W. Program at the University of Toronto.

She is involved in continuing education programs and speaks on various family law and mediation topics.

Ms. Shuber has authored and co-authored papers and articles on family law issues and blogs regularly for the

She is a member of the family law section of the Canadian Bar Association, the Advocates’ Society, Family Mediation Canada, the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, and the Ontario College of Social Workers.

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