Jasmine Daya

Jasmine Daya
Jasmine Daya & Co.
Lawyer and Managing Principal
Personal Injury

Jasmine Daya, lawyer and managing principal with the Toronto firm Jasmine Daya & Co., focuses on personal injury law.

She graduated with her Bachelor of Business Administration in finance and a Bachelor of Science in economics from Southern Methodist University in 2001, before earning her Bachelor of Laws from Queen’s University in 2005 and her Master of Laws from Osgoode Hall Law School in 2009. Ms. Daya was called to the Ontario Bar in 2006.

Ms. Daya heads the accident benefit department and is on the summer and articling student hiring committee for the firm. In addition, she volunteers as the civil litigation duty counsel at the Toronto courthouse for Pro Bono Law Ontario and at Upper Canada College.

She has mentored law classes at the Bishop Strachan School and for the Toronto Lawyers Association, been a speaker for the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association, and lectured at Queen’s University in insurance law.

During her legal studies, Ms. Daya was the recipient of the Reuben Wells Leonard prize in business law and volunteered within the Queen’s Law community. She completed an international and comparative law program through Tulane University and hosted by McGill University in 2003 and completed the Canadian securities course in 2004. In 2013, she received a certificate in negotiation for lawyers and executives from Harvard Law School.

She is a member of the Ontario Bar Association, the Canadian Bar Association, the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association, The Advocates’ Society, The Medico-Legal Society of Toronto, and the Toronto Lawyers Association.

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Claims involving minors

By Jasmine Daya . One of the most difficult areas within personal injury involves claims involving minors. Injuries arising from daycare or school negligence, playground incidents due to faulty equipment or lack of supervision or any other injuries sustained by children due to the negligence of others are all cases that I want to handle most. It’s not that I have a desire to take on the most challenging cases but these are the cases that make me feel amazing about what I do. I want to advocate for young children and help make their voice heard. Read more