Inga Andriessen

Inga Andriessen
Andriessen & Associates
Commercial Litigation, Corporate, Employment & Labour

Inga Andriessen, founder of the Toronto firm Andriessen & Associates, focuses on business law.

After graduating with her Bachelor of Laws from York Universitys Osgoode Hall in 1991, Ms. Andriessen was called to the Ontario Bar in 1993.

Focusing exclusively on business law, Ms. Andriessens practice includes corporate and commercial litigation, leasing litigation, enforcement of international judgments, and employment litigation on behalf of employers.

She advises clients on incorporating businesses and all aspects of business law documentation, including drafting documents such as employment contracts and shareholder and lease agreements.

In addition, Ms. Andriessen registers trademarks and advises clients on the impact of legislation on their businesses as a Registered Trademark Agent.

Ms. Andriessen is the chair of the Ontario Justice Education Halton Board, the treasurer of the Halton County Law Association, and is a mentor lawyer for the Ryerson Law Practice Program.

She is a member of the Halton County Lawyers Association, the Canadian Bar Association, the Law Society of Ontario, and the Ontario Justice Education Network.

Inga Andriessen In The News
Cost, time key to deciding whether to settle business lawsuit

There is no such thing as a ‘sure win’ in any dispute — and while it does make sense to litigate to a conclusion in some cases, in other situations, businesses should consider why it might be a good idea to settle, says Toronto business lawyer Inga Andriessen . Read more

The expensive way we’re forced to litigate in Ontario

By Inga Andriessen . As I write this blog, I’m waiting to be called to trial in a courthouse that is not in Toronto, Ont. As with most courthouses, the courthouse runs “sittings” twice yearly when civil and family trials are heard. The sittings started May 13 and will run until May 31. The next sittings will be in October. Read more

Strong protocols, personal brand key to successful small firm

Starting a solo or small firm is a reality for many new lawyers — but before opening your doors to clients, a number of important tools and processes have to be put in place, says Toronto business lawyer  Inga Andriessen . Read more

Trademark law is changing in Canada — is your brand ready?

By Inga Andriessen . On June 17, 2019, a big change is taking place in Canada’s trademark world and it will matter to your brand if you don’t already have a registered trademark. Read more

Imparting wisdom, without sounding like a jerk

By Inga Andriessen . The Law Society of Ontario’s bencher elections are in full swing. There are many candidates, some running for specific causes and some running because they want the Law Society to have benchers whose average year of call is not 27 years. Read more

Mock trials show students exciting side of legal profession

Mentoring students through the mock trial process offers lawyers an ideal opportunity to give back, as well as a chance to show high school students how enjoyable the legal profession can be, Toronto business lawyer Inga Andriessen tells . Read more

Business lawyer best bet for contracts, incorporation process

While it seems simple to incorporate online or download sample employment contracts from the internet, working with a lawyer when setting up a company can help ensure all aspects of the process are completed in full and tailored to the business's specific situation, Toronto business lawyer  Inga Andriessen  tells . Read more

Professionalism matters: Andriessen

By Inga Andriessen . The word professional is battered about a lot these days. When I first went to law school, it was said that the difference between a profession and an occupation is that professionals have to put their clients, students and patients before themselves. That makes a lot of sense, though in this day and age it seems it is happening a lot less. Read more

What I’m looking for in a bencher

By Inga Andriessen . If you’re not an Ontario lawyer, then this blog is not for you. This is about our upcoming bencher election for the Law Society of Ontario (LSO). Benchers are elected representatives of Ontario lawyers and regulate the conduct of lawyers in Ontario. Read more

Balancing the balance

By Inga Andriessen . I love the first couple of weeks after January 1 – it is the time of year you get to see which resolutions are sticking for those who made them. Many lawyers I know were resolving to have work/life balance for 2019 and finding it hard to keep. Read more

Access to justice – watering down lawyer relationship not the answer

By Inga Andriessen . Warning – rant ahead. Worse, it’s a rant that only lawyers probably care about. Read on at your own peril. Read more

Working both sides of business law — litigation and transactions

By Inga Andriessen . When I started practicing law over 26 years ago, I was a purely business law litigator. About three years into my career I became tired of litigating on poorly drafted materials, so I began adding “the boring desk work” to my area of practice and have not looked back since. Read more

Crucial for federal corporations to stay on top of filing

Although news that a number of federal corporations have not been keeping up with their mandatory reporting requirements is unsurprising, failing to inform the government about certain changes to your business can have serious consequences, Toronto business lawyer  Inga Andriessen  tells . Read more

Andriessen to assess LPP candidates, discuss justice education at fall events

Toronto business lawyer  Inga Andriessen  is participating at a number of events this fall, with a focus on mentorship and justice education. Read more

The cost of being your own lawyer

By Inga Andriessen . Some blog topics come up over and over again on our site. It’s not because we’ve run out of ideas – believe me we have ideas. It’s because the issue keeps coming up over and over again. Read more

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