Ian Hull

Ian Hull
Hull & Hull LLP
Founding Partner
Estates & Wills & Trusts, Mediation

Co-founder of the Toronto firm Hull & Hull LLP with his father Rodney, Ian Hull practises in the areas of estates, trusts, capacity and fiduciary litigation. He also maintains a mediation practice through Hull Estate Mediation Inc.

Mr. Hull was called to the Ontario Bar in 1990 after receiving an LL.B from the University of Windsor and an Honours B.A. from the University of Western Ontario. A certified specialist in estates and trusts law and civil litigation, Mr. Hull is also a Fellow of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel and a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.

A lecturer at the Ontario Bar Admission Course and a guest lecturer for the Canadian Bar Association and the Law Society of Ontario, Mr. Hull is also the author of numerous articles and books on estate law.

Ian Hull Posts

Executor renunciations: Dueck v. Chaplin, 2015 ONSC 4604

By Ian Hull and Laura Betts. Being an executor is a lot of work and a job that can be trying at times, particularly where disputes arise among the beneficiaries and/or the deceased’s family members in relation to the assets of the estate. Read more

Estate planning and tax: A cautionary tale

By Ian Hull . Much of the estate planning process involves minimizing taxes that might otherwise be due and payable from one’s estate upon death. On occasion, however, the end goal of attaining large tax savings has been known to entice people to bend the rules a bit too far. Read more

Moral obligations temper testamentary freedom

By Ian Hull . Testamentary freedom — the ability to leave one’s property to whomever one wishes — is a principle long held in the common law of Canada. But as evidenced by legislative reforms and recent jurisprudence , testamentary freedom is not absolute and will likely continue to encounter challenges as society and the law develop. Strangely enough though, current challenges to testamentary freedom are not altogether different from the sorts of considerations that go into other well-established will challenges. Read more

Sham trusts: A reminder

By Ian Hull . Trusts offer a number of advantages in the estate-planning context, from deferring taxes, to sheltering assets from creditors. As a result, trusts are being used with ever increasing frequency as an estate-planning tool. Many clients, however, do not necessarily understand or appreciate the proper purpose for the trust vehicle or the restrictions that will apply to their management of the trust assets. Read more

Hull to share thoughts on social media use at STEP conference

Toronto estates and trusts lawyer Ian Hull is set to present at the 2015 Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) Canada conference in Toronto on June 19. Read more

Personal directives in Nova Scotia

By Ian Hull . In Nova Scotia, the Personal Directive Act SNS 2008, c8, came into force on April 1, 2010. Approximately five years later, the court in that province heard and decided the first case involving an interpretation of the Act. Read More at Toronto Estate Law Blog Read more

Disputes regarding personal property

By Ian Hull . The division of one’s personal property, which may include jewellery, art, books, furniture, tools and clothing, can often become a significant source of tension and conflict amongst those who collectively stand to inherit such items from the estate. Read More at Toronto Estate Law Blog Read more

Hull to discuss will challenges at CLE event

Toronto estates and trusts lawyer Ian Hull will speak at an upcoming Continuing Legal Education session for lawyers and accountants on the subject of will challenges. Read more

$99 wills – are they worth it?

By Ian Hull . In April of last year, Suzana Popovic-Montag wrote a blog about Axess Law (“Axess”), which opened up shop providing legal services, including will drafting, in three Greater Toronto Area Walmart stores. Since then, Axess has expanded its practice, attracting attention from customers, the legal media and other practitioners. Read More at Toronto Estate Law Blog Read more

Mastering foreign assets in estate litigation

Toronto trusts and estates lawyer Ian Hull says that a growing number of estate matters — even modest ones — have international aspects to them that require lawyers to have knowledge of best practices for handling foreign elements. Read more

Hull to present at Six-Minute Estates Lawyer 2015 program

Toronto estates and trusts lawyer Ian Hull will discuss conflict of interest rules at the Six-Minute Estates Lawyer 2015 program on May 6, hosted by the Law Society of Upper Canada. Read more

What happens to your RRSP on death?

By Ian Hull . Throughout the course of lives, most of us make sizeable contributions to our RRSPs. We do this in order to minimize our overall taxes payable and to plan ahead for our retirement. With both tax minimization and future planning on our minds during this year’s RRSP season, it might be worth considering, not only this year’s contribution, but also what will happen to your RRSP upon your death. In many cases, the failure to properly plan ahead for the disposition of one’s RRSP can have significant tax consequences for your estate. Read More at Toronto Estate Law Blog Read more

Incorporating organ donation into your estate plan

While much time and attention is spent during the estate planning process making arrangements for one’s burial and/or for the transfer of one’s assets, organ donation is often overlooked, Toronto estates and trusts lawyers Ian M. Hull and Suzana Popovic-Montag in Huffington Post. Read more

Hull to discuss ethics, capacity at motor vehicle litigation event

Toronto trusts and estates lawyer Ian Hull will share his thoughts on the ethics of practice in the context of capacity issues at the Oatley McLeish Guide to Motor Vehicle Litigation 2015 event later this month. Read more

Transfer of wealth has changed the estate litigation bar

Toronto trusts and estates lawyer Ian M. Hull says one of the biggest changes he has noticed in the area of estate litigation over the last decade is the sheer amount of money at stake. Read more