Ian Hull

Ian Hull
Hull & Hull LLP
Founding Partner
Estates & Wills & Trusts, Mediation

Co-founder of the Toronto firm Hull & Hull LLP with his father Rodney, Ian Hull practises in the areas of estates, trusts, capacity and fiduciary litigation. He also maintains a mediation practice through Hull Estate Mediation Inc.

Mr. Hull was called to the Ontario Bar in 1990 after receiving an LL.B from the University of Windsor and an Honours B.A. from the University of Western Ontario. A certified specialist in estates and trusts law and civil litigation, Mr. Hull is also a Fellow of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel and a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.

A lecturer at the Ontario Bar Admission Course and a guest lecturer for the Canadian Bar Association and the Law Society of Ontario, Mr. Hull is also the author of numerous articles and books on estate law.

Ian Hull Posts

When does elder abuse become criminal?

As Canada's population ages, elder abuse has come out of the shadows and into the mainstream of public consciousness. It is now both regularly featured as a topic of conversation in the government and the media, with proposed changes to the law being hotly debated, raising awareness of the topic in its wake. Read Toronto Estate Law Blog Read more

The six-minute estates lawyer

Toronto estates and trust lawyers Ian Hull and Suzana Popovic-Montag , partners at Hull & Hull LLP, will present papers today at the Law Society of Upper Canada's continuing professional development program, The Six-Minute Estates Lawyer 2012. The program is an overview of important cases and recent developments in estate law. Read more

Calculating estate administration tax

By Ian Hull With the April 30, 2012 deadline looming for individuals to file their personal tax returns, tax is on a lot of people's minds right now. With tax already on the mind, I thought it might be a good opportunity to re-visit another kind of tax that one day we all have to face, Estate Administration Tax ("EAT"), more commonly referred to as probate fees. Read Toronto Estate Law Blog Read more

What bad behaviour can cost you

By Ian Hull When most people hear that someone has been "disinherited" they usually think of someone who has been written out of someone else's will. While this certainly is probably the classic definition of disinheritance, it is not the only way that a person can be excluded from a person's estate. Read Post on Toronto Estate Law Blog Read more

Prioritizing work a fact of life for lawyers

By Ian Hull Lawyers lead busy lives, that much is undoubtedly true. In having to juggle multiple files and professional responsibilities (not to mention commitments to both friends and family) one of the first things that a lawyer must learn to do is prioritize tasks, getting to the most urgent matters immediately, and leaving less urgent tasks to be completed at a later date. Read More in Hull & Hull Blog Read more

Revoking a will is serious action

By Ian Hull . The act of destroying or revoking one's will is a fairly serious action, and not one that should be taken lightly. Without drafting a new will to take the place of the revoked one the testator will die intestate, and subject their estate and their loved ones to the laws of intestacy of the jurisdiction in which they reside. Read More on Hull & Hull Estate Law Blog Read more

Getting back to basics with three certainties

By Ian Hull In our fast paced and busy lives, we can often overlook the basics, getting bogged down in the details and not seeing the forest for the trees. Seeing as this is the case, I thought it might be a good exercise to have a quick review of one of the basic tenants of trust law; the three certainties. Read Blog Read more

Mandatory mediation of estate matters

By Ian Hull Rule 75.1 of the Rules of Civil Procedure provides for the mandatory mediation of estates, trusts, and substitute decisions matters which are commenced in Toronto, Ottawa, or the County of Essex. Rule 75.1 provides that, except in a contested Passing of Accounts, the Applicant shall make a motion, in the same way as under R. 75.06 (Application or Motion for Directions), seeking directions for the conduct of the mediation. Read More in Toronto Estate Law Blog Read more

Not all gifts to government are willing, suspects Hull

Toronto estate lawyer Ian Hull tells CTV that news the government received $11.2-million in gifts last year to help pay down the debt, the majority in wills, may not have come from willing contributors. "It would fall into the hands of the government if you had no family and no will," says Hull. Watch Video and Read Story Read more

Holographic wills: carving your will into your car's bumper

By Ian Hull . When you conjure up the image of what a "will" is supposed to look like, you likely imagine an impressive formal document with large cursive script that proudly declares "This is the Last Will and Testament of" at the top. The kind of document that would not look out of place in a 16th Century manuscript, or in an old Victorian library with dust on top. At the very least, you likely imagine a formal document created to comply with rigid rules about its execution and who must be there to witness it. Read Toronto Estate Law Blog Read more

Marital fault as basis for terminating inheritance rights

At the Law Society of Upper Canada’s 14th Annual Estates and Trusts Summit, Ian Hull presented a paper, co-authored with Suzana Popovic-Montag, entitled “Terminating Inheritance Rights.” Read more