Ian Hull

Ian Hull
Hull & Hull LLP
Founding Partner
Estates & Wills & Trusts, Mediation

Co-founder of the Toronto firm Hull & Hull LLP with his father Rodney, Ian Hull practises in the areas of estates, trusts, capacity and fiduciary litigation. He also maintains a mediation practice through Hull Estate Mediation Inc.

Mr. Hull was called to the Ontario Bar in 1990 after receiving an LL.B from the University of Windsor and an Honours B.A. from the University of Western Ontario. A certified specialist in estates and trusts law and civil litigation, Mr. Hull is also a Fellow of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel and a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.

A lecturer at the Ontario Bar Admission Course and a guest lecturer for the Canadian Bar Association and the Law Society of Ontario, Mr. Hull is also the author of numerous articles and books on estate law.

Ian Hull In The News
Supreme Court of Canada clarifies unjust enrichment test

A ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada offers clarity on the test for unjust enrichment,   says Toronto estate litigator  David M. Smith   who acted for the ... Read more

Why staying well can be a living hell

By Ian Hull Have you followed the wellness industry lately? The New York Times recently published a lengthy feature on Gwyneth Paltrow and her wellness company Goop. In it, ... Read more

Are you ready to be a 21st century retiree?

By Ian Hull We’re almost 19 years into the new century, so it seems a little late to be talking about the “new” 21 st  century version of retirement. ... Read more

A hippie commune for seniors?

By Ian Hull Is it possible for today’s seniors to return to their hippie past? For some, plans are in the works. Youth of the 1960s were a powerful social force that ... Read more

A different approach to work-life balance

By Ian Hull A recent Globe and Mail  article  on vacation time caught my eye. In it, Elizabeth Renzetti notes an ADP Canada study that found that: only one ... Read more

Substantial indemnity costs ordered against estate trustees

By Ian Hull This case  was a dispute between three siblings over a $30,000 painting. The three siblings were beneficiaries and estate trustees of their late ... Read more

Travel much? Currency exchange is getting easier

By Ian Hull We’ve seen it first hand in many estates situations: families with property and assets in different countries. In the estate administration process, this ... Read more

Can you win the lottery and remain anonymous?

By Ian Hull When it comes to money matters, privacy is a big issue. We see it all the time in the estates area – a great deal of time and planning can go into ensuring ... Read more

How a walk in the park can improve your mental health

By Ian Hull Anxiety, depression and other mental health issues can occur for any number of reasons, but they often emerge when a loved one has died. While grief is a natural ... Read more

No right of equalization when a common-law spouse dies

Toronto estates and trusts lawyer Ian Hull  is hoping a decision in a  suit of unjust enrichment he filed before the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) will bring ... Read more

Hockey fights are way down. Estate fights? Not so much

By Ian Hull Have you watched an NHL game recently? If you have, you may have noticed a significant change in one high-profile aspect of the game: fighting. It’s ... Read more

Follow these tips to bulletproof your will

With careful consideration during the drafting process, there are ways to make a will bulletproof, Toronto estates and trusts lawyer  Ian Hull  tells  ... Read more

What you should do when ‘unexpected’ financial news is good

By Ian Hull The financial industry is relentless in encouraging Canadians to “plan for the unexpected” – and highlighting how anything can happen. You could ... Read more

Make it your year for ‘best picture’ critical thinking

By Ian Hull Do you ever wonder how your emotions impact your decision-making? Or more specifically, how many sub-optimal decisions you make based on emotion? We get caught ... Read more

The benefits and risks of naming a second POA

Appointing more than one person to be an attorney for property has its benefits, not the least of which is convenience, but it’s not always necessary and can have a downside ... Read more

Cross-border estates planning grows as world shrinks

More Canadians than ever need cross-border estates advice as the world continues to shrink due to travel and technological developments, Toronto estates and trusts lawyer  ... Read more

It’s hard to read the label when you’re inside the bottle

By Ian Hull One quality often overlooked in this frantic information era of texts, tweets, and instagrams is clarity. Our communications and responses are faster than ever, ... Read more

Preparing for mediation of estate disputes

Mediation has come to play such a significant role in estates disputes that lawyers need to undertake extensive preparation in order to represent their clients’ best ... Read more

Five threats to a healthy estate

By Ian Hull We need to be vigilant on a number of fronts every day – from health to financial security, to our relationships with others. But there’s another ... Read more

Simplifying the search for a deceased’s life insurance policy

By Ian Hull Beneficiary designations for life insurance policies can be an integral part of one’s estate plan. As designated policy proceeds typically pass outside of ... Read more

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