Howard Winkler

Howard Winkler
Winkler Dispute Resolution
Founder & Principal
Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Mediation

Howard Winkler, founder and principal of Winkler Dispute Resolution in Toronto, focuses on negotiation, mediation, and advocacy.

Graduating with his Bachelor of Laws from the University of Western Ontario in 1982, Mr. Winkler completed a mediation program in 1995 and a course in negotiation in 2013 at Harvard University.

A certified specialist in civil litigation by the Law Society of Ontario, Mr. Winkler focuses on mediation and dispute resolution in the areas of libel, slander, reputation management, media and defamation law, and commercial and tax litigation. He represents both plaintiffs and defendants at trial and all levels of appeal.

Prior to entering private practice in 1986, Mr. Winkler served as counsel in the civil tax litigation section of the Department of Justice and was a member of the Minister of Revenue's advisory council on tax administration.

He is a member of the Canadian Bar Association and the Ontario Bar Association.

Howard Winkler Posts

Howard Winkler’s media roundup

Toronto lawyer and mediator Howard Winkler is frequently called upon by the media as a trusted source for their news stories, particularly for his focus on defamation and privacy issues. Read more

Subway’s defamation lawsuit aimed at stifling criticism: CBC

TORONTO — A lawsuit by the world’s largest fast-food operator over a report on the content of its chicken sandwiches is an attempt to stop the CBC from covering matters of public interest, an Ontario court heard on Tuesday. Read more

Winkler successful in accessing disciplinary hearing record

Decisions like a recent case that applied the open-court principle to a doctor’s disciplinary proceedings contribute to a better informed Canadian public, says Toronto lawyer and mediator Howard Winkler. Read more

Aussie court finds media outlets liable: Winkler

Australia continues to lead the way in the consideration of online liability, and it remains to be seen whether Canadian courts will follow its lead, says Toronto lawyer and mediator Howard Winkler. Read more

Pilot’s victory classic application of anti-SLAPP law: Winkler

The dismissal of an airline’s $10-million defamation claim against a former pilot is a textbook case of anti-SLAPP legislation in action, says Toronto lawyer and mediator Howard Winkler, who acted for the pilot. Read more

Case may clarify how platforms treat defamatory content: Winkler

An ongoing lawsuit in British Columbia could help define what responsibility online platforms have once they are notified that content on their site is defamatory, Toronto lawyer and mediator Howard Winkler says. Read more

Everyone loses in cautionary New Brunswick defamation case

A recent New Brunswick decision is a cautionary tale for all involved in defamation claims, Toronto lawyer and mediator Howard Winkler tells Read more

Bill C-76 a poor solution to election tampering: Winkler

Recently enacted federal laws aimed at curbing the misuse of online platforms during elections do not address the real problem, Toronto lawyer and mediator Howard Winkler tells . Read more

Vice Media makes last ditch attempt to keep reporter's materials from RCMP

TORONTO — A high-profile RCMP demand for a journalist's background materials related to interviews with a suspected terrorist should be set aside even though Canada's top court recently upheld the police request, Vice Media argues in a new legal action. Read more

Supreme Court decision not such a dark day for journalists: Winkler

Free press advocates are overreacting to a Supreme Court of Canada decision that forced a journalist to hand over materials to police, Toronto lawyer and mediator Howard Winkler tells Read more

Free expression outweighs reputation protection: Winkler

A former member of Parliament’s unsuccessful defamation case against a major B.C. newspaper underscores a recent trend by the courts to balance interests more towards freedom of expression rather than protection of a person’s reputation, Toronto lawyer and mediator Howard Winkler tells The Lawyer’s Daily . Read more

The trouble with USMCA’s defamation provisions

By signing on to the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), the Liberal government agreed to significantly alter the existing common law of defamation, Toronto lawyer and mediator Howard Winkler writes in Law Times . Read more

Failed U.K. privacy breach action would fare better in Canada

Canadian consumers have a better set of legal tools to hold companies responsible for privacy breaches than their U.K. counterparts, judging by a recent ruling involving an internet search engine, Toronto lawyer and mediator Howard Winkler tells Read more

Australian courts lead the way in fighting online defamation: Winkler

Australian courts continue to lead the way when it comes to online defamation and the liability of secondary publishers, Toronto lawyer and mediator Howard Winkler tells . Read more

Privacy commissioner misses mark on de-indexing

Canada’s privacy commissioner oversimplifies the situation to suggest that “de-indexing” online links to potentially defamatory or erroneous information is possible in Canada under existing laws, Toronto lawyer and mediator Howard Winkler tells Read more