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Hexigent Consulting provides digital investigation services to clients such as law firms, businesses and law enforcement, as well as assistance with cyber security for organizations of all sizes.

In its work with law firms, Hexigent handles digital investigations and litigation in a range of practice areas, including family law cases, insurance and other types of fraud, intellectual property theft, cyberbullying and insider trading. In addition, the company provides assistance with a wide range of matters, including cyber breaches, corporate espionage and human resource issues.

On the cyber-security side, Hexigent advises law firms how to protect confidential and sensitive data. They consult with organizations to protect against cyber breaches and other digital threats, including phishing attacks, ransomware, corporate espionage, and intellectual property theft. They provide support and advice for boards and senior management, as well as technical services to identify, assess, design and implement appropriate cyber security controls.

As a licensed private investigator agency, Hexigent’s founders hold Level II Canadian security clearance, and are both investigators and digital forensic examiners.

Ryan Duquette, founder and principal of Hexigent Consulting, has a background in law enforcement, working on digital forensic and fraud-related cases. Graduating from Champlain College with a Master of Science in digital forensics management, Mr. Duquette is a presenter at international conferences and teaches digital forensics at the University of Toronto.

Jason Green, principal of Hexigent Consulting, has spent more than 25 years working in digital investigations and cyber security for private and public-sector clients. He has handled investigations and digital forensics, as well as incident response and cyber security teams in North America and Europe.

As of July 2017, Touchstone Digital Forensics is part of Hexigent Consulting, which will continue to provide digital analysis and cyber security.

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Touchstone Digital Forensics provides in-depth analysis

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