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Gene C. Colman
Gene C. Colman Family Law Centre
Managing partner

Gene C. Colman, managing partner with the Toronto firm Gene C. Colman Family Law Centre, focuses on family law and litigation.

Mr. Colman graduated from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1973 with a Bachelor of Arts in political science and international relations. After working for a year at the university and studying in its Master of Arts program in international relations, he returned to Toronto to study law at Osgoode Hall Law School and graduated in 1977. He was called to the Ontario Bar in 1979.

For more than 38 years, Mr. Colman has focused exclusively on family law issues, including alimony and spousal support, children's rights, child protection law, custody and visitation, domestic violence and neglect, paternity, and prenuptial agreements. He advises clients on matters involving parental alienation, equal shared parenting, procedural fairness, father’s rights and gender equality.

Mr. Colman has written many articles on family law and is the founding editor and an advisory board member of the Canadian Journal of Family Law, as well as a founding member and an advisor to the board of directors of the Canadian Equal Parenting Council.

He is a member of the Canadian Bar Association and the American Bar Association.

Gene C. Colman Posts

Decision opens floodgates to challenges by mentally ill spouses

The Ontario Court of Appeal (OCA) has thrown any family law judgment involving a mentally ill spouse into doubt after it set aside a final trial order a decade after it was made, Toronto family lawyer Gene C. Colman tells Read more

Child custody reform — Bill C-78 federal government divorce reform: Part 2

By Gene C. Colman . In Part 1 , I applauded the positive measures in this new government initiative - Bill C-78. Unfortunately, there are a number of serious deficits in this proposed reform of child custody legislation. I believe that there are tenable solutions available to significantly improve Bill C-78. Read more

Child custody reform — Bill C-78 federal government divorce reform

By Gene C. Colman . Child custody law needs reform! The family rights movement in Canada has long been advocating for real change in our broken child custody system. In 2014, Bill C-560 was voted down at second reading in Parliament, even though the then-ruling Conservative Party officially supported equal shared parenting. Now, the majority Liberal Government has introduced Bill C-78 . It is an admirable "first move". It is not enough. Read more

Divorce Act amendments raise red flags: Colman

Amendments to the Canada Divorce Act in Bill C-78 are a major step backwards and ignore overwhelming social science research showing the best interests of children are served when both parents play substantially equal roles, says Toronto family lawyer Gene C. Colman. Read more

Abused men’s shelter challenges myths, stereotypes

The Canadian Shelter for Abused Men and Children will be the first of its kind in Canada, providing services to men only, but it needs $150,000 more in donations before it can open, Toronto family lawyer Gene C. Colman tells Read more

Can child support arrears be cancelled? - an update

By Gene C. Colman . I wrote the article that you will see below (well at the bottom of this page) in early 1997. That's 21 years ago! While there have certainly been developments in the case law, the basic principles that I discussed back then do still apply. I focused on this 1996 case in the Ontario Court of Appeal. The case is still cited as a binding legal precedent in Ontario. It clearly established that there was no longer a rule in Ontario that one could only go back a maximum period of one year to enforce child support arrears. The case told us that the court has a discretion re: how far back to go; that is still the case. Let's look at the legal principles that have further developed. Read more

Decision lambasting CAS demands reaction

A judge’s admonition of a children’s aid society’s (CAS) actions towards two Hamilton, Ont. foster parents brings a refreshing dose of accountability to the area of child protection, Toronto family lawyer Gene C. Colman tells Read more

Family law and retirement - can I ever retire?

By Gene C. Colman . There is a fair amount out there on the web about spousal support and retirement. My colleagues discuss the leading cases quite intelligently. I recommend that you read what they have to say. I am going to distil down the current wisdom based on the cases to a few numbered points. But remember, each case is different. Before you plan to retire, it pays to have a consultation with a family law lawyer. Read more

‘Sensitively written’ decision affirms law in child custody case

A judge’s decision to maintain the status quo in declining a request by both parents for an interim sole child custody order is “helpful” in that it follows an approach taken by courts that has become fairly common, Toronto family lawyer Gene C. Colman tells Read more

Equal shared parenting — child custody interim motion

By Gene C. Colman . Equal shared parenting within child custody law is very much a thriving concept in Ontario. Superior Court Justice W.D. Newton has penned what I believe to be a very important decision . Although it was decided in April 2017, remarkably the case has received no further mention other than a brief summary in "Epstein's This Week in Family Law", 2017, Issue #35 (4 September 2017). The decision deserves to have a much wider swath and this blog post is a step in that direction. Read more

Fathers hindered by traditional views of gender roles in custody disputes

Fathers face an uphill task to maintain equal custody of children ahead of trial, Toronto family lawyer Gene C. Colman tells Read more

Less talk, more action on paralegals in family law: Colman

The legal profession should stop talking and start acting when it comes to paralegals in family law, Toronto family lawyer Gene C. Colman tells Read more

Grandparents should be peacemakers, not troublemakers: Colman

The best way grandparents can resume their relationships when blocked from seeing their grandchildren is through therapy or counselling, Toronto family lawyer Gene C. Colman tells . Read more

Courts need to be more ‘activist’ in protecting grandparent rights: Colman

The law isn’t as helpful as it could be for grandparents blocked from spending time with their grandchildren, Toronto family lawyer Gene C. Colman tells . Read more

Grandparents often ‘collateral damage’ in divorce

Grandparents cut off from seeing their grandchildren can turn to the courts to gain access, but that’s not necessarily the best approach, says Toronto family lawyer Gene C. Colman . Read more