Gary Joseph

Gary Joseph
MacDonald & Partners LLP
Family, Mediation

As a family law expert Gary Joseph leads the family law practice at MacDonald & Partners LLP as a partner and the firm’s chairman.

A certified specialist in family law, Mr. Joseph was called to the Ontario Bar in 1978 and has been a member of the Alberta Bar since 1985.

Reported in over 200 family law decisions at all court levels in Ontario and Alberta, Mr. Joseph has also appeared as counsel at the Supreme Court of Canada.

Mr. Joseph is a past family law instructor of the Ontario Bar Admission course and founding lecturer at the Family Information Session program of the Superior Court of Justice.

A prolific writer, Mr. Joseph authored “Handling a Family Law Matter in Ontario,” and the “Family Law Litigation Handbook.” He co-authored “Family Law Arbitration in Canada,” and has penned numerous articles on family law in various professional and public media.

Gary Joseph Posts

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