Gary Joseph

Gary Joseph
MacDonald & Partners LLP
Family, Mediation

As a family law expert Gary Joseph leads the family law practice at MacDonald & Partners LLP as a partner and the firm’s chairman.

A certified specialist in family law, Mr. Joseph was called to the Ontario Bar in 1978 and has been a member of the Alberta Bar since 1985.

Reported in over 200 family law decisions at all court levels in Ontario and Alberta, Mr. Joseph has also appeared as counsel at the Supreme Court of Canada.

Mr. Joseph is a past family law instructor of the Ontario Bar Admission course and founding lecturer at the Family Information Session program of the Superior Court of Justice.

A prolific writer, Mr. Joseph authored “Handling a Family Law Matter in Ontario,” and the “Family Law Litigation Handbook.” He co-authored “Family Law Arbitration in Canada,” and has penned numerous articles on family law in various professional and public media.

Gary Joseph Posts

New CEOs should curb enthusiasm: Joseph

New CEOs should take the time to gain a full understanding of the business and its people before making any big changes, Toronto family lawyer Gary Joseph tells Succession Planning , a special supplement published by The Bottom Line and The Lawyers Weekly. Read more

Self-represented litigants not exempt from rules of court

A recent decision by the Yukon Court of Appeal is once again drawing attention to the need for self-represented litigants to comply with rules of evidence and follow court processes, says Toronto family lawyer Gary Joseph . Read more

Spousal support guidelines not a simple formula

A recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision underscores how determining spousal support is not as simple as plugging numbers into the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines, says Toronto family lawyer Gary Joseph . Read more

Myth of impoverished self-reps must be stopped: Joseph

Not all self-represented litigants are individuals who can’t afford to pay a lawyer, says Toronto family lawyer Gary Joseph. Read more

Free ride is over for self-represented litigants

Self-represented litigants should be held to the same standards as any lawyer in a courtroom, says Toronto family lawyer Gary Joseph . Read more

Support increase not guaranteed when ex's income rises

Depending on how they pursued their joint economic interests, a spouse may be eligible to share in increases to their ex’s income after separation — but there is no automatic entitlement to such a claim, Toronto family lawyer Gary Joseph writes in Lawyers Weekly . Read more

Lawyers must tread carefully in conducting 'ethical advocacy'

The nature of advocacy has changed immensely over the past several decades, leaving lawyers in “great danger” if they push the boundaries, says Toronto family lawyer Gary Joseph. Read more

Temptation to hide assets from ex-spouse often rooted in uncertainty

Nondisclosure has been described as the “cancer” of family law, one that continues to plague divorce cases of any scale, says Toronto family lawyer Gary Joseph . Read more

Self reps beware

By Gary S. Joseph . I have written extensively with respect to my concerns about self-representation in our courts. In particular, given my practice specialty I have written about self-representation in family law. Read more

Strong book of business important on path to partnership

For associates who want to climb the ladder to law firm partnership, it is essential to be intelligent, hard working and to fit in with a firm’s culture, Toronto family lawyer Gary Joseph tells Lawyers Weekly . Read more

Don’t point finger at family lawyers in high-cost litigation

Lawyers are not always to blame for prolonged and costly litigation in child custody and other disputes, Toronto family lawyer Gary Joseph tells . Read more

Same person should not mediate, arbitrate same case

Mediation and arbitration on the same family law matter by the same person can be unfair and should not be allowed, says Toronto family lawyer Gary Joseph . See OBA. Read more

Judges, show counsel some love

By Gary Joseph . It is with some trepidation that I write this commentary. The concept of courtroom civility is now widely recognized as a positive development both for the profession and the public. Judges increasingly and quite rightly demand counsel’s civility in the presentation of cases before them. Read more

Family lawyers must be aware of potential for violence

Family law firms should have safety plans in place and staff should be counselled on the signs to watch for when it comes to the potential for violence, Toronto family law specialist Gary S. Joseph tells Law Times in response to news that an explosion seriously injured a Winnipeg, Man. lawyer. Read more