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Forensic Restitution
Forensic Restitution

Forensic Restitution is a boutique white collar crime investigation company specializing in forensic accounting, computer forensics, eDiscovery, data analytics, fraud risk assessments, loss adjusting & claim formulation, cybercrime, crime prevention, Anton Piller investigations and helping clients with financial and commercial investigations.

The Toronto-based firm also assists companies to prepare for and testify in criminal and civil actions as well as disciplinary hearings.

It aims to approach each task, no matter the size, with confidentiality, integrity and expediency to ensure losses are limited and solutions and prosecutions are handled with as little impact to the business as possible.

In addition to its investigative work, Forensic Restitution provides clients with in-depth staff training in detecting and preventing fraud.

It works with legal firms, loss adjusters, private investigators, and truth verification and lie detection companies to assist with all aspects of detection, verification, and litigation.

With a state-of-the-art computer forensic laboratory, Forensic Restitution can take images of electronic data from devices such as computers and mobile phones and extract it for use in disciplinary hearings or criminal procedures.

Dave Oswald, director and founder of Forensic Restitution, graduated from Rhodes University with a Bachelor of Commerce in accounting. A chartered accountant, he focuses on data preservation and review, computer forensics, data analytics, and general fraud reviews.

Mr. Oswald has assisted clients by investigating Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act matters, procurement fraud, and financial statement fraud. He has designed databases for interrogations, testified in U.S. Federal Court, interviewed suspects and witnesses, and has given evidence in disciplinary proceedings.

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