Dr. Gary Botting

Dr. Gary Botting
Gary N.A. Botting, Barrister and Solicitor
Appellate, Criminal

Dr. Gary Botting, a barrister, solicitor and appellate lawyer, has practised law in British Columbia for more than 20 years, representing clients primarily in the legal areas of extradition, criminal defence and criminal appeals.

He earned his Master of Laws and Doctor of Philosophy in Law from the University of British Columbia before moving to the University of Washington School of Laws where he was Visiting Scholar, Postdoctoral Fellow from 2000 to 2007.

Dr. Botting has worked on many high-profile extradition cases, including the Charles Ng case in Calgary, the Gerald Gervasoni and Ronald Stewart cases in Victoria, the Karlheinz Schreiber case in Ottawa and Toronto, and the Clifford Edwards and Mark Eldon Wilson cases in Vancouver BC — all set legal precedents.

Dr. Botting has authored several books on extradition and constitutional rights and freedoms, including Extradition Between Canada and the United States, Canadian Extradition Law Practice, and Wrongful Conviction in Canadian Law. He's also written two novels, the most current being Crazy Gran (Houston:Stragtegic, 2016).

His practice, which serves the Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley areas, is the only firm in the country that declares extradition as its primary area of practice.

Dr. Gary Botting In The News
Fighting extradition an uphill battle: Botting

Canada’s  Extradition Act  is so stacked in favour of prosecutors in the requesting country that an accused person has little hope of resisting it — unless ... Read more

Court strikes indeterminate sentence for Botting's client

British Columbia criminal lawyer  Gary Botting fought successfully to strike the indeterminate sentence placed on his client following a recent B.C. Court of Appeal ruling. ... Read more

May joins call for commission of inquiry into professor's extradition

By Gary Botting Federal Green Party leader Elizabeth May has hopped on board a proposal for a commission of inquiry into the extradition case of an Ottawa professor ... Read more

Public inquiry needed into professor’s extradition: Botting

OTTAWA — Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould has asked for an independent review of an extradition that resulted in an Ottawa professor spending three years in a French ... Read more

All too easy to extradite people from Canada: Botting

British Columbia criminal and extradition lawyer Gary Botting  applauds Ottawa's decision to review the Extradition Act and calls  for a moratorium on ... Read more

Judge acquits Botting's client of sex attack charges

British Columbia criminal lawyer Gary Botting ’s client was acquitted of charges laid in connection with a sexual attack on three women in Vancouver, the Vancouver Sun ... Read more

Case highlights limitations of Canada's extradition law

A case involving two teens who are pleading to stop their mother’s extradition to England for allegedly abducting them underscores the limitations of the law surrounding ... Read more

Justice funding boost positive, but more needed for legal aid

While an increase in funding for the justice sector in the recent British Columbia budget is good news, Vancouver criminal and appellate lawyer Gary Botting tells The ... Read more

Botting's client receives minimum sentence for murder

A British Columbia teen originally charged with first-degree murder in the death of his mother — and facing life imprisonment without parole eligibility for 25 years — ... Read more

New rules for B.C. gaming sector make 'common sense'

British Columbia criminal lawyer Dr. Gary Botting tells The Lawyer’s Daily that new rules introduced in that province to counteract potential money laundering in the ... Read more

Botting calls for moratorium on extradition until Act is revised

In the wake of the Hassan Diab case, there should be a moratorium on all extraditions from Canada until the Extradition Act is revised, says British Columbia criminal lawyer ... Read more

SCC ruling on dangerous offenders to have massive impact

A recent Supreme Court of Canada decision will have widespread ramifications for dangerous offender cases, requiring judges to impose an indeterminate sentence only on criminals ... Read more

Botting honours memory of the late Chief Justice Allan McEachern

By Gary Botting On a pedestal in the foyer of the Vancouver Law Courts at  800 Smithe St. , confronting the statue of blind justice, sits the bust of the late Chief ... Read more

Englit prof to lawyer: a trip to Wonderland

By Gary Botting Having worked as a professor of English literature and drama for 20 years before attending law school, I naively peppered my early legal arguments in court ... Read more

Legal aid, staffing issues suggest need for court system review

It is time for a realistic review of the court system in British Columbia, as low sheriffs’ salaries are just the “tip of the iceberg,” B.C. criminal ... Read more

Canada lags behind in protecting its citizens, Botting tells Oxford

Canada lags far behind other free and democratic countries in protecting its citizens from extradition, British Columbia criminal lawyer  Dr. Gary Botting  tells a panel ... Read more

SCC asked review dangerous offender ruling: Botting

British Columbia criminal lawyer Dr. Gary Botting has been approved by Nova Scotia Legal Aid to represent at the Supreme Court of Canada a Halifax man who was recently ... Read more

Botting pens open letter on remedying wrongful convictions

British Columbia criminal lawyer Gary Botting has written an open letter to David Milgaard to support changes to the way wrongful conviction claims are reviewed. Botting, the ... Read more

Proposed law to limit segregation would help countless inmates

The federal government’s plan to introduce legislation limiting how long prison inmates can remain in solitary confinement is welcome news to those who have been subject to ... Read more

Botting successfully appeals man's 'dangerous offender' designation

The British Columbia Court of Appeal has overturned a dangerous offender designation for the first person to receive the classification under former prime minister Stephen ... Read more

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