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Doug MacLeod
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Principal of MacLeod Law Firm, a Toronto labour and employment law firm, Doug MacLeod provides strategic employment law advice and representation on all aspects of the employee/employer relationship.

Called to the Ontario Bar in 1989, Mr. MacLeod focuses on the areas of wrongful dismissal, employee terminations, severance packages, employment contracts, compliance with statutory requirements including employment standards, human rights, and occupational heath & safety legislation, human resource policy development, dealing with human rights complaints, workplace safety, and responding to union organizing activity.

Mr. MacLeod received his Bachelor of Laws degree from Queen’s University in 1987 and an Honours Business Administration from the Richard Ivey School of Business from the University of Western Ontario in 1983.

A frequent speaker to associations and professional groups, Mr. MacLeod regularly publishes articles on all aspects of employment law and has taught the Law Society of Ontario’s continuing personal development course.

Doug MacLeod Posts

How to prevent a poisoned work environment

By Doug MacLeod . With the upsurge of technology, there is more opportunity for our interactions to be broadcast and misinterpreted. Many employees have cell phones and some employers and employees communicate via text message. In today’s workplace, the dynamic between employers and employees is also increasingly informal. Jokes are passed around. No hard feelings, right? Wrong. One “light-hearted” text message or off hand joke may come back to haunt an employer. Read More at MacLeod Law Firm Blog Read more

Contractors and the duty to accommodate

By Doug MacLeod . I recently fielded an interesting question. A human resources consultant was reviewing an employee manual for a client and asked whether the accommodation policy applied to a number of self-employed sales representatives who sold the employer’s services. The answer, of course, was, “It depends.” Read More at MacLeod Law Firm Blog Read more

Discrimination ruling good news for employees

A recent Ontario Superior Court of Justice ruling awarding both wrongful dismissal damages and human rights damages was “a big win for the employee,” says Toronto employment lawyer Doug MacLeod. Read more

Approval of Target Canada employee trust good news for workers

The approval of a $70-million employee trust for the benefit of Target Canada employees who will lose their jobs as a result of country-wide store closures is good news for workers, says Toronto employment lawyer Doug MacLeod. Read more

Making cuts and avoiding ruts

By Doug MacLeod . Imagine yourself as a senior manager of a small business. Sales have decreased to a point where you have to make some staff cuts. One will be Marsha, an administrative assistant with over 25 years service, and the other is Kent, an expensive employee you hired just last year. How much will these terminations cost? While Kent signed an employment contract, you don’t recall Marsha signing anything. As a long-term employee, how much pay is she entitled to? Questions start to circulate your mind…what should be included in a severance package? Read More at MacLeod Law Firm Blog Read more

Top 10 employment law stories of 2014

By Doug MacLeod . The end of the year is nigh… And Ontario looks a little bit different…at least, from an employment law perspective. More and more, Canadians are taking legal matters into their own hands and 2014 gave employees the power to do so in a faster way than ever before. Read More at MacLeod Law Firm Blog Read more

Office party conduct may have lasting impact

An employee’s behaviour at an office holiday party can impact how they are viewed in a boss’s eyes, Toronto employment lawyer Doug MacLeod says in Lawyers Weekly . Read more

Government introduces legislation to create a provincial pension plan

By Doug MacLeod . On Dec. 8, 2014, the Ontario government introduced Bill 56, which, if passed into law, will be called the Ontario Pension Plan Act, 2014. Read more

Constructive dismissal update: 2014 decisions

By Doug MacLeod . I am often asked whether a change in employment (or more than one change) is a constructive dismissal. If so, the employee can quit and claim damages for pay in lieu of notice of termination. If not, the person receives no damages. It is an all or nothing proposition. And that is why employment lawyers do not like answering this question. Read more

Termination upheld for firefighter axed over sexist tweets

A recent labour arbitration decision – one of Canada’s first Twitter firing cases – expands the reach of employee off-duty conduct by extending a branch of a well-known legal test for justifying termination, a move that may raise difficult questions in future cases, says Toronto employment lawyer Doug MacLeod . Toronto Sun Read more

Mandate outlined by CBC raises legal questions

The terms of reference assigned to a lawyer appointed by the CBC to lead an investigation in the wake of the Jian Ghomes... Read more