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Doug MacLeod
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Principal of MacLeod Law Firm, a Toronto labour and employment law firm, Doug MacLeod provides strategic employment law advice and representation on all aspects of the employee/employer relationship.

Called to the Ontario Bar in 1989, Mr. MacLeod focuses on the areas of wrongful dismissal, employee terminations, severance packages, employment contracts, compliance with statutory requirements including employment standards, human rights, and occupational heath & safety legislation, human resource policy development, dealing with human rights complaints, workplace safety, and responding to union organizing activity.

Mr. MacLeod received his Bachelor of Laws degree from Queen’s University in 1987 and an Honours Business Administration from the Richard Ivey School of Business from the University of Western Ontario in 1983.

A frequent speaker to associations and professional groups, Mr. MacLeod regularly publishes articles on all aspects of employment law and has taught the Law Society of Ontario’s continuing personal development course.

Doug MacLeod Posts

When does a compliment constitute sexual harassment?

By Doug MacLeod . Despite a number of legislative initiatives that are intended to reduce and ultimately eliminate sexual harassment in society, sexual harassment continues to be a problem in Ontario’s workplaces. Read more

The confusing and unsettled law relating to employee medical notes

By Doug MacLeod . A proposed change to Ontario’s Employment Standards Act (the Act) contained in Bill 148 states that an employer shall not require an employee to provide a medical note from a qualified health practitioner (as defined in the Act) as evidence of a sickness if the employee claims a paid sick day under the Act. However, an employer may require an employee who takes a paid sick leave under the Act to provide evidence, that is reasonable in the circumstances, that the employee is entitled to the leave. Read more

Let’s talk: mental health issues at work

There are growing legal expectations for employers to be more proactive in accommodating employees who are dealing with mental health crises, says Toronto employment lawyer Doug MacLeod. Read more

Demystifying impending employment regulations

There's been a raft of recent proposed changes to Ontario's labour and employment regulations, but Toronto employment lawyer Doug MacLeod says the good news is that compliance isn't onerous. Read more

More changes to Ontario’s employment laws

By Doug MacLeod . The dog days of summer are coming to an end but the government keeps making changes to Ontario’s employment laws. Read more

Information on three important employment law developments

By Doug MacLeod . Every two weeks, I blog about a recent development in employment law or human rights law. Twenty-six blogs a year means there are a lot of new developments but I do not write about all of the changes in the employment law field each year. Read more

OHSA in wonderland: through the looking glass

By Doug MacLeod . Section 50 of the Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA) prohibits an employer from disciplining an employee who has sought enforcement of this law. Read more

Employer obligations: pregnancy and parental leaves

By Doug MacLeod . We often get calls from employers asking about their rights and obligations toward employees seeking pregnancy and parental leaves. Read more

Preparing an employee severance package: reasons to hire a lawyer

By Doug MacLeod . 1. A lawyer can explain your obligations under the Employment Standards Act . Did you know there are employees who are not entitled to vacation pay, overtime pay, termination pay and severance pay under this law? For employees who do not work a regular workweek did you know there is a formula to determine how to calculate termination pay? Read more

Minimum-wage payroll costs will jump under new legislation: MacLeod

The Ontario government’s plan to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour will likely have a major financial impact on employers who are heavily reliant on basic pay workers, says Toronto employment lawyer Doug MacLeod. Read more

Reasons to ask a lawyer to review your severance package

By Doug MacLeod . We have reviewed hundreds of severance packages on behalf of employees. Some of these packages are fair and some are really unfair. We can tell you whether we think your package is fair. And in many cases, we can help you negotiate a better severance package. Read more

TTC drug tests don't broaden policy options for employers: MacLeod

Two Toronto Transit Commission workers failed random drug tests on the first day of agency's new policy, but that doesn't necessarily justify it, says Toronto employment lawyer Doug MacLeod . Read more

Probationary clause gets employer into hot water

By Doug MacLeod . Including a probationary period clause in an employment contract is not a good idea unless your organization is prepared to assess the suitability of the employee during the probationary period. Read more

What triggers the duty to inquire about a mental illness?

Employers concerned about job performance that could be linked to mental health issues may have a duty to ask the employee if they need help before termination, Toronto employment lawyer Doug MacLeod writes in The Lawyer’s Daily. Read more

Number of damage claims awarded by trial judges going up

By Doug MacLeod . Once upon a time, employees did not sign employment contracts with termination clauses and employment lawyers fought over the appropriate “reasonable” notice period. In 2017, employees now often claim, among other things, wrongful dismissal damages, human rights damages, moral or Wallace damages, punitive damages, and damages for the intentional infliction of mental stress. Read more