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Doug MacLeod
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Principal of MacLeod Law Firm, a Toronto labour and employment law firm, Doug MacLeod provides strategic employment law advice and representation on all aspects of the employee/employer relationship.

Called to the Ontario Bar in 1989, Mr. MacLeod focuses on the areas of wrongful dismissal, employee terminations, severance packages, employment contracts, compliance with statutory requirements including employment standards, human rights, and occupational heath & safety legislation, human resource policy development, dealing with human rights complaints, workplace safety, and responding to union organizing activity.

Mr. MacLeod received his Bachelor of Laws degree from Queen’s University in 1987 and an Honours Business Administration from the Richard Ivey School of Business from the University of Western Ontario in 1983.

A frequent speaker to associations and professional groups, Mr. MacLeod regularly publishes articles on all aspects of employment law and has taught the Law Society of Ontario’s continuing personal development course.

Doug MacLeod Posts

Employers faced with ever-changing labour laws: MacLeod

Businesses need to check their employment contracts and employee handbooks to keep up with ever-changing rules around paid and unpaid leaves, Toronto employment lawyer Doug MacLeod tells Read more

Employment contracts: they should keep giving and giving

By Doug MacLeod . I trumpet the benefits of employment contracts every chance I get. I often write and speak about these benefits. In the last two weeks, I received calls from two clients who benefitted from an employment contract that I wrote several years ago. Read more

Are managers entitled to overtime pay?

By Doug MacLeod . Many employees and employers believe that overtime pay is included in a person’s salary. This is incorrect for the vast majority of salaried employees. If you are paid a salary and sometimes work over 44 hours in a week, then you may be entitled to overtime for all hours worked over 44 in those weeks at time and a half for each additional hour worked. Read more

MacLeod Law redesigns website to better serve clients

MacLeod Law Firm has redesigned its website to better reflect its open and responsive approach to employees and employers, says its principal, Doug MacLeod. Read more

Temporary layoff update: can an employee refuse a recall?

By Doug MacLeod . Contrary to popular belief, a temporary layoff usually constitutes a wrongful dismissal which requires an employer to pay the laid-off employee termination pay. Read more

Legislative changes heighten occupational health and safety issues

Health and safety are becoming more prominent concerns for employers, regardless of the types of workplaces they operate, Toronto employment lawyer Doug MacLeod tells Read more

Wrongful dismissal: recent case law increases legal uncertainty

By Doug MacLeod . Recently, it has become increasingly difficult for employment lawyers to assess an employer’s potential legal liability in connection with an employee termination. The law is pretty straightforward but predicting how a judge will apply the law to a specific termination is riddled with legal uncertainty. Read more

Will changed workplace laws increase competitiveness?

By Doug MacLeod . “We’ve heard loud and clear from businesses across Ontario that job growth starts with cutting the burdensome, job-killing red tape that is driving jobs and investment out of our province … We are making Ontario open for business.” — Premier Ford in his closing speech this October at the annual Ontario Economic Summit. Read more

MacLeod LLP helps employers train harassment investigators

Employers can save time and money by training an internal investigator to handle harassment complaints, says Toronto employment lawyer Doug MacLeod , who has teamed up with a workplace investigation expert to offer a one-day training session on Feb. 14. Read more

How important are the deadlines in your severance package?

By Doug MacLeod . You are terminated from your job and your employer offers you a severance package. They give you one week to sign the offer and ask that you sign a full and final release confirming that there will be no further payments. Are you obligated to sign and return the offer within a week? Read more

Employment legislation switch leaves lawyers, HR consultants scrambling

Employment law in Ontario has become more politicized than ever following the passage of recent legislation, Toronto employment lawyer Doug MacLeod tells Read more

Valuing employee pensions in wrongful dismissal cases

By Doug MacLeod . A long service, older worker is terminated. Under the terms of the individual’s pension plan, the employer is not permitted to continue his participation in the pension plan. So the question arises: when calculating wrongful dismissal damages, how do you calculate damages for pension benefits? Read more

Fixed-fee services becoming more attractive to clients

Fixed-fee services provide a range of options that an employer would not necessarily get by hiring counsel on an hourly basis, and this can help prevent potential legal issues from becoming major problems, Toronto employment lawyer Doug MacLeod tells Read more

Cannabis legalization: behind the smoke and mirrors

By Doug MacLeod . Whether you’ve been looking forward to October 17, 2018 or whether you’ve been dreading it, the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada is officially here. Read more

Cannabis-related human rights claims on the horizon

Toronto employment lawyer Doug MacLeod tells Law Times it’s likely the courts will see more human rights challenges related to claims an employer failed to accommodate marijuana addiction issues or cannabis use disorder, which is a recognized disability. Read more