Doug MacLeod

Doug MacLeod
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Principal of MacLeod Law Firm, a Toronto labour and employment law firm, Doug MacLeod provides strategic employment law advice and representation on all aspects of the employee/employer relationship.

Called to the Ontario Bar in 1989, Mr. MacLeod focuses on the areas of wrongful dismissal, employee terminations, severance packages, employment contracts, compliance with statutory requirements including employment standards, human rights, and occupational heath & safety legislation, human resource policy development, dealing with human rights complaints, workplace safety, and responding to union organizing activity.

Mr. MacLeod received his Bachelor of Laws degree from Queen’s University in 1987 and an Honours Business Administration from the Richard Ivey School of Business from the University of Western Ontario in 1983.

A frequent speaker to associations and professional groups, Mr. MacLeod regularly publishes articles on all aspects of employment law and has taught the Law Society of Ontario’s continuing personal development course.

Doug MacLeod Posts

Pilots, air traffic controllers grounded from cannabis use

Airline pilots and air traffic controllers are subject to a new policy banning the use of all forms of cannabis while on or off duty, but it may be overreaching, says Toronto employment lawyer Doug MacLeod. Read more

Negotiating changes to a written offer of employment

By Doug MacLeod When you are offered a new job you will almost always be asked to sign a written offer of employment. If you have had a few years of work experience, did you know that this offer is rarely a take it or leave it situation? Read more

Workplace harassment provisions coming to the Canada Labour Code

By Doug MacLeod Our last blog discussed new amendments to the Canada Labour Code (the Code) that came into force on September 1. Employers cannot rest just yet – even bigger changes are expected to arrive in 2020 in relation to workplace harassment and violence. Read more

Ex-federal workers can file complaints under CLC changes

Former employees of federally regulated businesses will be able to make a complaint of harassment or violence up to three months after they leave their job when changes to the Canada Labour Code (CLC) come into force next year, says Toronto employment lawyer Doug MacLeod. Read more

Wrongful dismissal damages for employee/shareholders

By Doug MacLeod Executives often receive different forms of compensation such as salary, bonus, short-term incentive compensation, long-term compensation, stock options, and income from shares in the corporation. Read more

Changes for federal employees include leave provisions

Changes to the Canada Labour Code (CLC) around paid leave for federally regulated employees could open the door for other forms of leave from work to be covered in the future, says Toronto employment lawyer Doug MacLeod. Read more

Are executives entitled to variable compensation after being terminated?

By Doug MacLeod This blog reviews a recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision that considered whether or not an employer can discontinue a variable compensation plan that accounts for about 50 per cent of an executive’s total compensation. Read more

Changes to the Canada Labour Code happening Sept. 1

By Doug MacLeod Federally regulated employers should be aware that various changes to the Canada Labour Code are set to be in place as of September 1, 2019. Read more

(Yet) another termination clause bites the dust

By Doug MacLeod There are many ways to attack the termination clause in an employment contract. Read more

Contractor or full-time staffer — weigh benefits, drawbacks

The pros and cons of contract work versus full-time employment should be understood by both employers and individuals so they can make the decision that is right for them, says Toronto employment lawyer Doug MacLeod. Read more

Maternity leave rights must be followed: MacLeod

Employees returning from maternity leave must be given their former job back, or if it no longer exists, a comparable position, though there are some exceptions to that rule, says Toronto employment lawyer Doug MacLeod. Read more

Duty of good faith: MacLeod

By Doug MacLeod The employee, a 55-year-old engineer with 22 years’ service with the company, was thinking about either retiring or taking a leave of absence. He decided to request a six-month leave of absence. Read more

Unenforceable termination clause costs employer over $400,000

By Doug MacLeod By Doug MacLeod . A recent case underscores the importance of including a properly drafted termination clause in your organization’s employment contract. Read more

See a lawyer before signing termination agreement: MacLeod

It’s important to get legal advice before accepting a termination package to ensure you are getting the best possible deal, says Toronto employment lawyer Doug MacLeod. Read more

Directors sent to jail for failure to pay employee wages

By Doug MacLeod . If you are a director or a party to a unanimous shareholder agreement did you know that you are personally liable for unpaid wages and you could go to jail for up to one year for failing to pay them? Read more