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Michael Perlman is president of DivorceMate Software Inc., a Canadian family law software provider.

Mr. Perlman earned a Bachelor of Business Management in 1997 from Ryerson University, where he majored in accounting.

Since joining the company in 1996, Mr. Perlman has immersed himself in all aspects of the business including sales, marketing, business development, and strategic planning.

Mr. Perlman travels across the country to meet and train clients and is a regular presenter at family law conferences.

DivorceMate Software Inc., creates, markets, distributes and supports software for Canadian family law professionals.

Launched in 1987, the company has grown to more than 4,000 clients across Canada.

It provides customers with tools to run their professional businesses as well as customer service and technical support. The software is used by family law lawyers, judges, financial planners and accounting firms, mediators, legal aid offices, government, courthouses, law libraries, non-profit organizations, as well as universities and colleges.

The family law software company offers three products for desktop computers: Tools is used to calculate child and spousal support; Forms creates family law court forms; and Precedents creates domestic contracts such as separation and marriage agreements.

DivorceMate launched MySupportCalculator.ca in 2011, a child and spousal support calculator that has grown to more than 250,000 visitors per year.

DivorceMate Software Inc. In The News
DivorceMate gives back with ’30 days of giving’ campaign

As part of its 30th-anniversary celebrations, DivorceMate Software Inc.  is randomly drawing a name from its client base each day for the month of June and donating $200 to ... Read more

DivorceMate, MSC to celebrate at National Family Law Program

With its 30th anniversary this year, DivorceMate Software Inc.  has a great deal to celebrate and the company will be featuring all it has to offer at the upcoming National ... Read more

DivorceMate Forms update released

DivorceMate Software Inc.  has recently updated its Forms products in Ontario primarily to incorporate legislative changes as a result of the new  Child, Youth and ... Read more

DivorceMate Software launches new Forms Cloud product

DivorceMate Software Inc. has released a beta version of its new DM Forms Cloud software for Ontario and British Columbia to allow users to create and access their family law ... Read more

DivorceMate updates software following federal child support changes

DivorceMate Software Inc.  has updated its software to reflect changes that Ottawa has made to the federal Child Support Tables, says company president Michael ... Read more

DivorceMate software a tool, not a replacement for legal advice

DivorceMate Software Inc. offers a suite of tools to assist family lawyers, including its Precedents One product, which assists lawyers in the creation of domestic contracts, ... Read more

MSC relies on same calculator used by family law professionals

Approximately six years ago, DivorceMate Software Inc. , which is available only to family law professionals, created a sister company, MySupportCalculator.ca (MSC) for use by ... Read more

DivorceMate leverages latest technology to meet family law needs

From complex programs installed on clunky desktop computers 30 years ago to cloud-based family law software accessible on a cellphone from a coffee shop, DivorceMate Software ... Read more

DivorceMate's arrival 30 years ago made support calculations faster

When DivorceMate Software Inc.  founder Mark Harris created the family law software at his dining room table in 1987, there was no Internet and most lawyers didn’t ... Read more

Spring training for DivorceMate to kick off

DivorceMate Software Inc. is holding training sessions across Ontario to showcase how to optimize their child and spousal-support software, says company president Michael ... Read more

DivorceMate updates child and spousal support calculator

Updates to DivorceMate Software Inc. 's Tools One Program will impact the calculations for child and spousal support, says Michael Perlman , president of the Canadian legal ... Read more

It’s buyer beware for many online family law products

With an increasing number of online do-it-yourself family law products to determine child and spousal support, it’s difficult for the public to know which ones are reliable ... Read more

DivorceMate updates separation, and child, spousal support software

DivorceMate Software Inc. has updated its Precedents One program, which allows Ontario and British Columbia users to build separation agreements and marriage contracts, as well ... Read more

DivorceMate to hold fall training sessions

DivorceMate Software Inc. is hosting a series of training seminars so both longstanding and new users can learn how to best optimize what the software has to offer, says ... Read more

National Family Law Program premier networking venue

This year’s National Family Law Program , held mid-July in St. John's, Nfld., provided valuable networking opportunities for DivorceMate Software Inc. and its sister ... Read more

DivorceMate to attend National Family Law Program

DivorceMate Software Inc. will be attending the National Family Law Program in St. John’s, N.L. this month, says company president  Michael Perlman .  The ... Read more

Family law and the new Canada Child Benefit effective July 1

DivorceMate Software Inc.  has recently updated its Tools One software (both desktop and cloud) for child and spousal support to account for changes Ottawa is ... Read more

Perlman to discuss best use of tools and forms at family law conference

Canadian legal software supplier  Michael Perlman will share his expertise on how family lawyers can effectively use tools and forms at the upcoming Simcoe Family Law ... Read more

DivorceMate offering spring 2016 training programs across Ontario

Canadian legal software supplier DivorceMate Software Inc.  will host a series of training sessions across Ontario this spring, exploring basic, intermediate and ... Read more

MySupportCalculator.ca announces enhanced service to the public

MySupportCalculator.ca  (MSC) has launched an enhanced version of the website’s free child and spousal support calculator in order to offer accurate results in ... Read more

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