DFI Forensics Inc.

DFI Forensics Inc.
DFI Forensics Inc.
Legal Supplier

DFI Forensics Inc. provides digital forensics and cybersecurity services to lawyers, businesses and human resources professionals across Canada.

Based in Langley, British Columbia, with locations in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto, the company acquires, preserves, and analyzes digital evidence from computers, servers and mobile devices in order to determine facts. It follows strict forensic protocols to ensure the admissibility of evidence in court, if necessary.

DFI's cases typically involve:

  • workplace disputes, including discipline, dismissal, human rights, discrimination and harassment
  • family law, such as evidence to resolve issues of credibility, custody and access, division of assets
  • Anton Piller orders, involving the civil search and seizure of evidence, in which an expert is necessary to assist in the execution of such orders when they relate to computers and smartphones
  • business law matters involving, intellectual property theft, non-competition disputes and non-disclosure agreements
  • analysis of metadata to determine date, time, location, creation and revision evidence in relation to computer files.

Tyler Hatch, founder and CEO of DFI Forensics Inc., is a certified computer and mobile forensics examiner who was a former practising trial lawyer, making him one of the most unique investigators in the digital forensics community today.

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Digital stamped data can help corroborate client’s evidence

Faced with two different versions of what happened in a dispute, it can be helpful to prove the credibility of an individual by using digital evidence gleaned from mobile devices and cloud sources, says Tyler Hatch, founder and CEO of DFI Forensics Inc. Read more

Social media content can be vital during a family law matter

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Checklist for hiring a digital forensics investigator

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Top five reasons HR professionals should use digital forensics

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Collecting cellphone evidence requires specialized skill set

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