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Denise Koster
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Denise Koster, founder and principal of Koster Consulting & Associates in Toronto, focuses on workplace violence and elder abuse.

She graduated from Ryerson University with her Bachelor of Arts in 1986 and a certificate in gerontology in 1990, before earning a diploma from the International School of Investigation and Protective Services in 2004.

She completed levels 1 and 2 in alternative dispute resolution at the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies at Conrad Grebel University College in 1996 and is a graduate of the International School of Investigation and Security Services as well as Gavin Debecker’s Threat Assessment and Management Academy.  

Ms. Koster is a Board Certified Workplace Violence and Threat Specialist (WVTS) and provides clients with consultations and customized threat assessment and management services.

Focusing on the areas of violence and abuse since 1986, Ms. Koster provides consulting services for matters such as workplace violence, discrimination, bullying, and harassment, as well as bullying and abuse of the elderly.

She provides external investigation services, customized education and training, and conflict resolution and mediation, as well as strategic planning, threat assessments, climate surveys, management plans, and workplace violence policy and procedure development.

Ms. Koster works with management and labour groups, providing education and training around the identification, investigation, assessment, and management of violence in the workplace.

Prior to founding Koster Consulting & Associates, Ms. Koster was the clinical and program director at a community health centre for nine years where she managed a multidisciplinary team of medical, nursing, and social service professionals. She has also been a certified instructor in non-violent crisis intervention.


Denise Koster In The News
Investigations aided by teamwork between union, management

Open lines of communication between the union and management is key to a successful workplace violence probe, says Denise Koster , a Toronto investigator who specializes in the field.  Read more

CRA ordered to pay more than $60K to worker sexually harassed by boss

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has been ordered to pay the maximum compensation to an Ontario employee who was sexually harassed by her boss after the federal labour board found the organization failed to take steps to prevent it from happening. Read more

Emotional intelligence undervalued by employers

Employers should prioritize emotional intelligence in searches for new hires, Toronto workplace violence consultant  Denise Koster  tells . Read more

Manitoba families part of lawsuit against Ontario-based firm over senior care

WINNIPEG — Five Manitoba families are part of a massive lawsuit against an Ontario-based company that operates care homes for seniors. Read more

Top risk factors for potential workplace violence

Canadian employers don’t take threat assessment seriously enough, Toronto workplace violence consultant  Denise Koster  tells . Read more

Empower workplace to report bullies: Koster

Long-term care facilities that want to reduce workplace bullying must empower bystanders to report bad behaviour, says Toronto workplace violence and elder abuse consultant  Denise Koster . Read more

Families fear retaliation when reporting nursing home abuse

While some higher-profile cases of resident abuse and neglect in long-term care facilities have resulted in legal challenges, a fear of retaliation may hold back families from reporting unacceptable staff behaviour or facility conditions affecting their loved ones, says Toronto workplace violence and elder abuse consultant Denise Koster . Read more

Coroner who didn't probe Wettlaufer victim death testifies at inquiry

A coroner who failed to find anything suspicious about the deaths of two people killed by an Ontario nurse told a public inquiry Wednesday that he never considered the possibility that a caregiver in a long-term care facility would deliberately harm their patients. Read more

The role of emojis, emoticons in modern bullying

The nature of bullying has changed dramatically in the past five decades — from verbal disagreements and physical altercations to the use of social media, Toronto workplace violence and elder abuse consultant Denise Koster writes in The Lawyer’s Daily . Read more

Confidentiality key to integrity of investigations

Employers can minimize the risk of damage during internal and third-party investigations by emphasizing the importance of confidentiality early and often in the process, Toronto workplace violence and elder abuse specialist Denise Koster tells . Read more

Recommendations for conducting unbiased workplace investigations

An organization that decides to conduct an internal investigation when a harassment complaint is lodged by an employee must ensure that it’s carried out by unbiased, trained personnel, says Toronto workplace violence consultant Denise Koster . Read more

Tips for strengthening sexual harassment policies

Increased publicity around sexual harassment in the workplace has put added pressure on employers to ensure that due diligence is consistently applied when dealing with complaints and that their internal policies reflect that commitment, Toronto workplace violence and elder abuse consultant Denise Koster writes in The Lawyer’s Daily . Read more

Mitigating risk: the importance of workplace threat assessments

Canadian companies need to do much more to protect their employees from violence in the workplace, including conducting proactive threat assessments, Toronto workplace violence consultant  Denise Koster tells . Read more

Koster to offer insights on workplace investigations

Toronto workplace violence and elder abuse specialist  Denise Koster  will review best practices for conducting thorough, unbiased and comprehensive workplace investigations in an upcoming webinar sponsored by Advantage Ontario. Read more

Inquiry to probe systemic issues in care facilities

One of the most agonizing decisions people face is admitting a family member into a long-term care facility, Toronto workplace violence and elder abuse consultant  Denise Koster writes in The Lawyer’s Daily . Read more

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