David Rotfleisch

David Rotfleisch
Rotfleisch & Samulovitch
Founder & Principal

David Rotfleisch, founder and principal of the Toronto-based firm Rotfleisch & Samulovitch PC, focuses on income tax law.

He graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Commerce in 1975 and became a chartered accountant in 1977. Mr. Rotfleisch went on to earn a law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School and was called to the Ontario Bar in 1983. He founded the firm in 1987.

A lawyer and chartered professional accountant, Mr. Rotfleisch handles simple and complex tax and estate planning matters, as well as tax amnesty and tax litigation issues. His clients include start-up businesses, resident and non-resident business owners, and corporations.

With a background in the computer and IT industry, Mr. Rotfleisch also assists with technology matters, including high-tech legal issues such as software development and intellectual property.

David Rotfleisch In The News
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Using corporation for income not always a tax advantage

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Trust taxation changes a 'headache' for taxpayers

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Only legal non-residents exempt from paying CRA

While there is nothing unusual about parents buying real estate for their student children in Canada, offshore-based property buyers should make sure they are considered ... Read more

Breaches of confidentiality expose taxpayers to damages

News that most of the privacy breaches reported by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) in 2014 were committed by the agency’s employees highlights the need for tougher sanctions ... Read more

Rules around eligible medical expenses need loosening

While recent news reports say the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is now allowing medical marijuana as an eligible medical expense, the agency’s recognition of ... Read more

Tax obligations, debts continue for incapacitated individuals

As incapacitated individuals have the same tax filing requirements as all other taxpayers, substitute decision makers should be sure to stay on top of their ... Read more

Large costs award for CRA provides lessons for taxpayers

The Tax Court of Canada's recent move to hand down one of the first cost awards against a taxpayer under a new set of rules should be considered a cautionary ... Read more

More to uncollectible tax debt data than meets the eye

Recent reports detailing the Canada Revenue Agency's (CRA) move to write off some $4 billion in uncollectable debts over the last two years do not necessarily ... Read more

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Unfortunately for taxpayers, cases of fraud involving tax preparers are a well-known phenomenon in Canada, and serve to highlight the importance of using a reputable accountant, ... Read more

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