David Rotfleisch

David Rotfleisch
Rotfleisch & Samulovitch
Founder & Principal

David Rotfleisch, founder and principal of the Toronto-based firm Rotfleisch & Samulovitch PC, focuses on income tax law.

He graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Commerce in 1975 and became a chartered accountant in 1977. Mr. Rotfleisch went on to earn a law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School and was called to the Ontario Bar in 1983. He founded the firm in 1987.

A lawyer and chartered professional accountant, Mr. Rotfleisch handles simple and complex tax and estate planning matters, as well as tax amnesty and tax litigation issues. His clients include start-up businesses, resident and non-resident business owners, and corporations.

With a background in the computer and IT industry, Mr. Rotfleisch also assists with technology matters, including high-tech legal issues such as software development and intellectual property.

David Rotfleisch In The News
Revenue minister asks CRA to investigate B.C. real estate speculators

OTTAWA — National Revenue Minister Diane Lebouthillier has asked the Canada Revenue Agency to look into the actions of real estate speculators in B.C. following a newspaper investigation. Read more

Lifestyle, income mismatch not proof of tax evasion

The Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) reported investigation into Vancouver’s real estate market and the lifestyles of those who own the costly properties will likely prove challenging for auditors, as not everyone living in an expensive house and claiming a low income is evading taxes, Toronto tax litigation lawyer David J. Rotfleisch tells  Newstalk 1010’s The Night Side . Read more

EU rules Apple must pay up to 13B euros in back taxes

BRUSSELS — The European Union says Ireland has given illegal tax benefits worth up to 13 billion euros ($14.5 billion) to Apple Inc. and must now recover the unpaid back taxes from the U.S. technology company, plus interest. EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said Tuesday: “Member states cannot give tax benefits to selected companies - this is illegal under EU state aid rules.'' She said a three-year investigation found Ireland granted such lavish tax breaks to Apple over many years that the multinational's effective corporate tax rate on its European profits dropped from 1 per cent in 2003 to a mere 0.0005 per cent in 2014. The Commission said “Ireland must now recover the unpaid taxes in Ireland from Apple for the years 2003 to 2014 of up to 13 billion euros ($14.5 billion), plus interest.'' The Irish government denied granting favourable fiscal treatment to the maker of the iPhone and other consumer electronics products, computer software and online services. “Ireland's position remains that the full amount of tax was paid in this case and no state aid was provided,'' the Irish statement said. “Ireland does not do deals with taxpayers.'' Read more

Voluntary disclosure best option for coming clean with CRA

For Canadians who may be wondering how to go about disclosing their unreported income to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), the good news is that the taxman has a specific program designed to get you to come in out of the cold, Toronto tax litigation lawyer  David J. Rotfleisch  tells The Globe and Mail’ s Rob Carrick . Read more

CRA search for offshore tax evasion aided by database, bank info

Although the searchable database at the centre of the Panama Papers data leak may have made it easier for authorities to crack down on unreported offshore accounts, it is likely that the taxman will increasingly look to the banks for this information, Toronto tax litigation lawyer  David J. Rotfleisch  tells  AdvocateDaily.com . Read more

CRA taking novel approach to underground economy crackdown

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is setting its sights on the underground economy — and taking innovative approaches to find unpaid taxes in the construction, retail sales and food services sectors in particular, Toronto tax attorney  David J. Rotfleisch  tells  Newstalk 1010’s The Night Side . Read more

Most taxpayers would 'suffer' in CRA strike situation

Thousands of Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) employees could be in a position to strike after recently rejecting their employer’s latest contract offer — a move that would likely cause more problems than advantages for taxpayers, Toronto tax attorney  David J. Rotfleisch  tells  AdvocateDaily.com . Read more

CRA's swift action shows priority of Panama Papers files

The Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) rapid and public response to the recent ‘Panama Papers’ information leak shows just how much importance the taxman is placing on this file — and on recovering unreported offshore income in general, Toronto tax attorney  David J. Rotfleisch  tells  AdvocateDaily.com . Read more

Filing tax returns crucial — even for part-time earners

A student’s part-time earnings may seem too insignificant to file on a tax return, but there are potential advantages to doing so, including the ability to claim credits and build up RRSP contribution limits, Toronto tax attorney  David J. Rotfleisch  tells  Newstalk 1010’s The Night Side . Read more

SCC ruling ends demands for tax lawyer accounting records

The Supreme Court of Canada’s recent move to declare invalid a section of the Income Tax Act (ITA) that exempted lawyers' accounting records from solicitor-client privilege means that lawyers are no longer required to respond to the government's demands to release these types of files, Toronto tax lawyer  David J. Rotfleisch tells AdvocateDaily.com . Read more

CRA options extensive for collecting unpaid taxes

With recent reports claiming that the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) total uncollected tax debt has soared in the last decade, taxpayers should be aware that the agency can use ‘draconian’ powers in order to collect those overdue amounts, Toronto tax attorney  David J. Rotfleisch  tells AdvocateDaily.com . Read more

Illegal unreported offshore income focus of CRA, global crackdown

While it is not illegal to have an offshore account, it is against the law to fail to declare offshore income or assets to the taxman — and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is already looking into a number of names contained in the ‘Panama Papers’ information leak, Toronto tax attorney  David J. Rotfleisch  tells  Newstalk 1010’s The Night Side . Read more

Voluntary disclosure window closing as CRA explores Panama Papers

Following news that the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has access to the information contained in the infamous ‘Panama Papers,’ time is running out for those involved to file a voluntary disclosure with the taxman, Toronto tax attorney  David J. Rotfleisch  tells  AdvocateDaily.com . Read more

CRA enforcement efforts set sights on domestic, offshore accounts

News that recent enforcement initiatives significantly surpassed the Canada Revenue Agency's (CRA) expectations in 2014-2015 is just the latest evidence that the taxman is being more aggressive with its collections for both domestic and offshore accounts, Toronto tax attorney  David J. Rotfleisch  tells  AdvocateDaily.com . Read more

Not filing returns risky way of handling tax dispute

One B.C. man may have only received the minimum penalty after recently being convicted of failing to file tax returns, but it is possible that someone in a similar situation could be ordered to pay a much larger fine or even face jail time, Toronto tax attorney  David J. Rotfleisch tells AdvocateDaily.com . Read more

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