Criminal Law

Credibility vital for a law practice

Credibility is a critical building block for growing a law practice and this means being reasonable and treating people with respect, says Toronto criminal lawyer Joseph Neuberger.

“If your colleagues know you to be honourable and truthful, it’s much easier for them to do business with you,” he tells The Lawyers Weekly.

Neuberger, partner at Neuberger & Partners LLP, says this holds true for all dealings, whether it be those with clients, judges and anyone else in and out of the courtroom.

“If you are known to be a reputable and honest person and you don’t have direct proof of a particular point when advancing a submission, for example, you’re more likely to be believed,” he tells the legal trade publication.

The Lawyers Weekly emphasizes the importance of credibility in a lawyer’s career and how it takes years to build and can be eroded in a matter of moments. Without credibility, highlights the article, a lawyer is unable to build a client base, start a new firm, raise hourly rates or be effective in a courtroom.

The publication notes that acting in a professional manner when representing clients and dealing with officers of the court is essential to building credibility.

“A lawyer with good credibility will be more successful for their client than somebody who does not,” Neuberger says.

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