CosmoLex is a technology company that provides cloud-based legal practice management software to small and mid-sized law firms in Canada and the U.S.

Based in New Jersey, CosmoLex offers a platform that allows lawyers to manage and run an entire web-based law practice. The software integrates business accounting, time tracking, billing, calendars, and email and document management, into a single application.

CEO and founder Rakesh Kabra had been developing desktop software for lawyers for eight years before founding CosmoLex in 2012.

Mr. Kabra graduated from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science with both a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering in 1991 and a Master’s degree in microelectronics in 1993. He went on to complete a Ph.D. in electrical engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in 1997.

CosmoLex aims to leverage technology to provide a better client experience and to reduce the operational cost of hardware and software. The software helps firms get the most out of their administrative budgets by eliminating the need for multiple programs handling separate tasks, while its web-based nature of the service means lawyers and clerical staff will not need to be tied to a particular computer or location.

CosmoLex adjusted its process to allow the service to match Canada’s unique accounting rules after the Law Society of Alberta asked the company to look at providing its members with a cloud-based option for practice management.

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