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Director of Strategic Communication, CosmoLex

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Utilizing the cloud in your law practice

By Erica Birstler Whether your firm is already using cloud applications or considering implementing them, there are some important considerations when it comes to using cloud-based systems. Read more

How can I protect my client’s data in the cloud?

By Erica Birstler The cloud offers an effective way to store large amounts of information, improve mobile access, reduce storage costs of paper documents, and provide scalability. Read more

How can I prevent embezzlement at my law firm?

By Erica Birstler Running an effective law practice means you can’t always be involved in every single detail of the firm’s operations. Read more

How can our firm stay on top of past-due accounts?

By Erica Birstler You work hard for a client and then they never pay your bill, forcing you to follow up in what can be an uncomfortable scenario. Read more

Billing types and time tracking

By Erica Birstler Many lawyers who bill their client on a flat fee or contingency basis often wonder if they need to track their time if the invoice amount isn’t dependent on hours worked. While recording time takes some effort, the business value it provides is well worth it. From maximizing profitability to avoiding malpractice claims, the benefits associated with tracking time regardless of billing type makes it a must. Read more

Grow your firm with data-driven decisions

By Erica Birstler . Making data-driven decisions is a powerful tactic that can help any business, including law firms. Basing strategy and initiatives off of numbers and trends makes it much easier to identify challenges, opportunities for growth and keep a competitive edge. In order to see the big picture and make informed decisions, there are key metrics that will give you the critical information you need. Read more

Three billing challenges facing your firm today

By Erica Birstler . Billing is one of the least favourite activities associated with running a law firm, but it’s an absolute must if you want to get paid for the work you’ve done. A few common challenges make it harder than it needs to be. By using the right approach and efficient tools you can make billing easier and create a streamlined process that results in healthy cash flow Read more

Critical law society documents

By Erica Birstler . Getting audited is inevitable and when the time comes you want to be prepared with all of the documents and reports the law society will want to see. While you may know about some of them, you’ll need every single one to pass a spot audit. Read more

Trust accounting safeguards: CosmoLex

By Erica Birstler . Trust accounting is a critical function for law firms, as funds that are not yet earned or disbursed must be handled in compliance with state and federal requirements. Because of this, managing the trust account can seem intimidating. Read more

Batch billing: CosmoLex

By Erica Birstler . Billing is an activity that often takes up the most unbillable administrative time, but it’s an important function because it’s how the firm gets paid. Since billing isn’t going away any time soon, the next best thing is to automate the process as much as possible. Read more

Better business practices for Canadian lawyers

By Erica Birstler . This month, CosmoLex is focusing on overall “better business practices” for lawyers and small law firms. When you’re in charge of a law practice, it can be easy to focus on the clients and your cases, while forgetting that you also have a business to run. There can seem like a lot to manage, so we’re to help with ways you can make the management process easier and enhance your practice at the same time. Read more