Christopher Achkar

Christopher Achkar
Achkar Law
Founder & Principal
Commercial Litigation, Corporate, Employment & Labour, Human Rights

Christopher Achkar, founder of Achkar Law in Toronto, focuses on employment and labour law, human rights, and business litigation.

Working with both employees and employers, he assists with corporate and commercial litigation and disputes, including shareholder agreements, contract disputes, construction law, liens, incorporations, compliance, and other business law issues.

Mr. Achkar has appeared before multiple levels of court, including the Federal Court of Appeal, and represented clients at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, the Canadian Human Rights Commission, the Ontario Labour Relations Board, and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.

Fluent in French and Arabic, Mr. Achkar is on the board of directors of Beyond Reasonable Doubt Community, a non-profit organization that helps spread legal awareness and access to justice.

He is a member of the Canadian Bar Association, the Ontario Bar Association, The Advocates' Society, and the Toronto Lawyers Association.

Christopher Achkar Posts

NEW Monitoring employees on social media

By Christopher Achkar While the internet arguably brings people together, monitoring employees on social media presents new challenges for employers, as online platforms open new avenues for workplace harassment. Read more

Non-competition and non-solicitation: Achkar

By Christopher Achkar Employers often include what are called “restrictive covenants” within their employment contracts, i.e. non-competition and non-solicitation clauses, with a view of protecting their business after the employment relationship comes to an end. Read more

SCC to weigh in on ride-sharing arbitration clause

A 2017 Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) decision may be the best indicator for how it will rule this fall when it hears an appeal of a ruling that shot down a ride-sharing giant’s arbitration clause as illegal and "unconscionable," Toronto employment lawyer Christopher Achkar tells the Canadian Bar Association’s National magazine. Read more

Sexual harassment at work

By Christopher Achkar Sexual harassment at work is a serious issue that has been ignored for far too long. Employees are protected under the Ontario Human Rights Code (the Code), the Canadian Human Rights Act (the Act), and the Canadian Labour Code (CLC) from being sexually harassed at and outside of the workplace by a colleague or employer. Read more

Punished at work: Achkar

By Christopher Achkar Getting punished at work for asserting an employee’s rights happens all too often at workplaces around the country. Read more

Accommodation and the Human Rights Code

By Christopher Achkar By Christopher Achkar . Under the Human Rights Code, employers in Ontario are expected to accommodate their workers to the point of “undue hardship.” This is commonly known as the “duty to accommodate.” Read more

Be tough but polite when building referral networks: Achkar

When it comes to building network alliances, the personal approach trumps the transactional every time, says Toronto employment and human rights lawyer Christopher Achkar. Read more

Costly mistakes for startups

By Christopher Achkar . Startups are infant businesses and most have doomsday clocks – a deadline by which they must become profitable to survive. Success in the startup sphere depends on several elements, and adaptability to the many moving parts while adhering to legal standards greatly increases success rates. Read more

Limitation periods: Achkar

By Christopher Achkar . The merits of your case are important, but respecting limitation periods is paramount. If you file your claim too late – it may be thrown out. Read more

Criminal case offers lessons on workplace privacy

A criminal decision by the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) offers valuable guidance to both employers and employees about workplace privacy, Toronto labour and employment lawyer Christopher Achkar tells Read more

New changes to the Employment Standards Act: Bill 66

By Christopher Achkar . Bill 66, Restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act, 2019 has just received Royal Assent on April 3, 2019. Schedule 9 of Bill 66 addresses matters relating to employment law and amends the Employment Standards Act 2000 ( ESA ) to facilitate some aspects of running a business as well as to reduce the regulatory burden placed upon employers. Read more

Employers’ top three misconceptions about legal services

Employers who take legal shortcuts could end up paying more to fix the situation than they initially saved, Toronto employment lawyer Christopher Achkar tells Read more

Termination clauses: Achkar

By Christopher Achkar . In Ontario, the enforceability of a contract vis-à-vis a termination clause can be a great benefit or an unfortunate detriment for either employers or employees. Read more

The fine line between bullying and firm leadership

Bullying can be very clear to those on the receiving end, but employees are often unable to recognize it in the workplace, says Toronto employment lawyer Christopher Achkar. Read more

Be wary of free legal advice: Achkar

When they have trouble accessing justice, people often seek legal help “from all the wrong places,” Toronto employment lawyer Christopher Achkar writes in the Toronto Star . Read more