Cathryn Paul

Cathryn Paul
Paul Family Law Professional Corporation
ADR, Family, Mediation

Cathryn L. Paul, lawyer, mediator, and arbitrator in Oakville, Ont., focuses on family mediation and arbitration.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce from Queen’s University, Ms. Paul earned her Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Western Ontario.

She was called to the Ontario Bar in 1996 and the Bar of British Columbia in 1997.

Ms. Paul’s practice focuses on mediation, arbitration, and representation of children through the Office of the Children’s Lawyer.

She is certified with the Ontario Association for Family Mediation as an accredited family mediator and a child protection mediator. Ms. Paul is also a certified mediator with ADR Ontario, and has training in arbitration.

She works with separating couples, as a mediator or arbitrator, to help resolve issues of custody, support, and division of assets and liabilities.

Ms. Paul’s professional upgrading includes collaborative family law training; family law arbitration training; child protection mediation training; Ontario Collaborative Federation conferences; and certificates in family mediation, including courses in negotiation theory and practice, mediation theory, assessment screening for domestic violence and power imbalances, parenting plans, successful family transition, and court-based mediation.

In addition, Ms. Paul trains prospective mediators through an internship program.

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