Caryma Sa'd

Caryma Sa'd
Criminal, Human Rights, Real Estate

Caryma Sa’d is a Toronto-based sole practitioner and notary public focusing on landlord/tenant issues as well as criminal and human rights law.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Social Sciences in international development and globalization from the University of Ottawa in 2011 before earning her Juris Doctor (Hons) from the University of Ottawa and her Master of International Affairs from the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University in 2015. Ms. Sa’d was called to the Ontario Bar in 2016.

Her practice includes defending civil liberties, including sex and drug offences and advocacy with respect to human rights and social justice issues, as well as matters relating to landlord and tenant law.

Ms. Sa’d handles criminal law matters such as bail hearings, document preparation, notarization, preliminary inquiries, sentencing hearings, and trials. She assists with the defence of Criminal Code offences, including assault, youth charges, domestic assault, theft, fraud, robbery, mischief, break and enter, weapons offences, and traffic violations.

Fluent in French and English, Ms. Sa’d articled at a Bay Street litigation law firm boutique and was selected for a secondment to one of the big five banks.

During her legal studies, Ms. Sa’d was ranked first out of 265 students in English Common Law during her first year. She received the François Houle Scholarship for academic excellence, the Toyota Earth Day Scholarship for environmental community service, and an Ontario Graduate Scholarship in support of her research on the intersection between law, identity politics, and gender-based violence.

Prior to attending law school, Ms. Sa’d interned with a human rights organization in India. She wrote and illustrated a guide to domestic violence legislation, which has since been circulated to thousands of at-risk women across the country.

Ms. Sa’d writes about race, identity politics, and gender-based violence and hosts the legal podcast “Cool Your Head.”

Caryma Sa'd In The News
Caryma Sa'd's media roundup

Toronto landlord/tenant and criminal lawyer  Caryma Sa’d  is frequently called upon by the media as   a trusted source for their news stories, particularly for her focus on legal issues involving cannabis and in cases of harassment. Read more

Unsafe rooming house issue requires collaborative solutions: Sa’d

Unlicensed rooming houses or basement apartments could lead landlords to jail, says Toronto landlord/tenant lawyer Caryma Sa’d . Read more

Sa'd calls on young lawyers to vote in bencher election

Boosting voter turnout among younger lawyers in the upcoming Law Society of Ontario (LSO) bencher election is vital, bencher candidate and Toronto criminal and landlord/tenant lawyer  Caryma Sa’d  tells . Read more

Sa'd wants to help new lawyers clear hurdles of the profession

Working to break down barriers to entering the legal profession will be a priority if she's elected as a bencher of the Law Society of Ontario (LSO), Toronto criminal and landlord/tenant lawyer  Caryma Sa’d  tells . Read more

Sa'd hopes to bring diversity to LSO bench

Toronto criminal and landlord/tenant lawyer  Caryma Sa’d  says she is looking to add diversity and a “fresh perspective” to the ranks if elected as a bencher for the Law Society of Ontario (LSO). Read more

Metrolinx ban on employee use of recreational pot 'troubling:' Sa'd

TORONTO — The head of regional transportation agency Metrolinx says workers in so-called safety-sensitive positions will be banned from using recreational cannabis at all times so that the company can protect the public as well as its employees. Read more

Track cannabis charges to ensure certain groups aren't being targeted

Policing of new cannabis laws must be tracked to protect historically marginalized communities, Toronto criminal lawyer  Caryma Sa’d tells .   Read more

Condo boards should avoid knee-jerk blanket ban on marijuana: Sa'd

Condo corporations must account for medical users of cannabis, even if they have banned smoking in their buildings, Toronto landlord/tenant lawyer  Caryma Sa’d tells . Read more

Cannabis bans put landlords on shaky legal ground

Landlords may struggle to impose cannabis bans on existing tenants in the light of the drug’s legalization for recreational use, Toronto landlord/tenant lawyer  Caryma Sa’d tells . Read more

Drug-impaired driving law vulnerable to Charter challenges

Ordinary drivers will suffer as challenges to the federal government’s drug-impaired driving legislation make their way through the courts, Toronto criminal lawyer  Caryma Sa’d tells . Read more

Investment in legal advice pays off for landlords, tenants

Landlords and tenants should resist the temptation to go it alone when they encounter legal troubles, Toronto landlord/tenant lawyer  Caryma Sa’d tells . Read more

Find 'nuanced' approach to cannabis rules in leases

While landlords and tenants are likely to encounter some “growing pains” with the legalization of cannabis, blanket bans are not the answer, says Toronto landlord/tenant lawyer Caryma Sa’d . Read more

Storyteller Sa'd brings the law to the people

Inside and outside the courtroom, Toronto criminal and landlord/tenant lawyer  Caryma Sa’d is a storyteller. Read more

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