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BridgePoint Financial Services Inc.
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Since 2002, BridgePoint Financial Services Inc. (and its predecessors) has been the pioneering force in developing Canada’s litigation finance market. We are the only full-service provider of innovation funding solutions for plaintiffs, lawyers and the experts involved in advancing legal claims. The company's goal is to level the litigation playing field and to protect its clients’ rights to full and fair access to justice.

BridgePoint’s reputation and expertise has created opportunities to finance a broader range of legal claims in areas such as employment, trusts and estates, commercial, securities, class action, and mass tort in Canada, the U.K. and elsewhere.

BridgePoint Financial Services Inc. In The News
New legal expense insurance trend represents challenge for PI lawyers

Legal expense insurance (LEI) was initially designed to increase access to justice for injured plaintiffs who would otherwise be unable to proceed to trial, but a recent development related to how insurers approach the product should concern all stakeholders, says Amanda Bafaro , Chief Risk Officer of Toronto-based specialist litigation finance firm BridgePoint Financial Services Inc . Read more

Increased court costs impair access to justice

By Amanda Bafaro . Because disbursements aren’t already high enough, the Ontario government has increased the fees associated with the filing of many of the most common civil court documents as of April 1, 2019. Read more

Defence seeks costs from ‘you don't win you don't pay’ lenders

By Stephen Pauwels and Amanda Bafaro . Each day seems to bring new challenges for the personal injury lawyer. If not legislative intervention, its defence counsel looking for new ways to advance the interests of their insurer clients at the expense of virtually everyone else. Read more

Champerty, maintenance and litigation lending

By Amanda Bafaro . Concerns over litigation lending have long be rooted in fears of champerty and maintenance; maintenance of an action in exchange for a promise to share in the proceeds of an action being champerty. Read more

How to recover interest on lawsuit loans

By Amanda Bafaro . In the words of Kenny Rogers, know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. Not every case will be suitable to argue every issue. Knowing your case and picking your facts is essential for the win. Read more

Litigation lender search should begin with OTLA-vetted firms

When it comes to finding a responsible settlement lender, a safe starting point for counsel and clients would be to look at firms that have already been evaluated by the Ontario Trial Lawyers’ Association (OTLA) in accordance with its Policy on Litigation Loan Companies, says  Stephen Pauwels , co-founder and principal of Toronto-based specialist litigation finance firm  BridgePoint Financial Services . Read more

The cost of expert reports in personal injury litigation

By Amanda Bafaro . When I left law school, I was ill-prepared for what it meant to be a lawyer. I knew I wanted to litigate and was keen to make my mark. At the same time, however, I knew nothing about the actual practice of law, or more importantly the business of law. Read more

‘Advances’ on settlement funds and the personal injury lawyer

By Amanda Bafaro for . Should personal injury lawyers lend money to their clients? If  you  don’t lend your clients money, is it ok to have family or friends lend them money? It’s inevitable that you’ll be asked, and a responsible personal injury lawyer needs to be prepared for the client in need. You should have a plan, and hopefully; one that doesn’t result in regulatory review or judicial intervention.  Read more

Relationship with responsible litigation lender key in current market

For many accident victims, a loan from a litigation lender may eventually be the only viable solution to the financial hardship they will experience — making it crucial for personal injury lawyers to invest the time to educate themselves on the market and build a relationship with a provider they can trust, says  Stephen Pauwels , co-founder and principal of Toronto-based specialist litigation finance firm  BridgePoint Financial Services . Read more

Solutions for plaintiffs key in evolving litigation finance market

While the litigation finance market has evolved as an asset class in recent years with some favouring higher stakes claims, Toronto-based litigation finance specialists  BridgePoint Financial Services remain focused on providing fixed interest bridge loans to plaintiffs and helping law firms fund the growth of their practices, says co-founder and principal Stephen Pauwels . Read more

Door open for recovery of interest on disbursement funding

Ontario personal injury lawyers should consider taking the cautious step of integrating interest recovery as part of their overall disbursement account at settlement — which may help reduce what has traditionally been an uphill battle with courts who have been resistant to the concept, says Amanda Bafaro , Chief Risk Officer of Toronto-based specialist litigation finance firm BridgePoint Financial Services Inc. Read more

Treatment financing critical when insurance benefits denied

Plaintiff lawyers do not like to see financing costs enter into the settlement equation if they can be avoided — but in the current litigation environment, third-party financing is an inevitable reality in many personal injury cases, including financing for medical and rehabilitation related treatment expenses, says  Stephen Pauwels , co-founder and principal of Toronto-based specialist litigation finance firm BridgePoint Financial Services . Read more

Transparency, ethics at heart of OTLA policy on litigation lenders

Transparency and ethical conduct are crucial to  BridgePoint Financial Services Inc. , who was supportive of the initiative adopted by the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association’s (OTLA) to establish a policy on the conduct of litigation loan companies, says  Amanda Bafaro , the company’s Chief Risk Officer. Read more

Recent market trends in litigation funding and the impact

In a recent Q & A session with ,  Stephen Pauwels , co-founder and principal of BridgePoint Financial Services , a Toronto-based specialist litigation finance firm, discussed the effects of recent market trends and how some firms are responding to them.  Read more

BridgePoint boosts access to justice

Litigation financing didn’t come naturally to Stephen Pauwels , co-founder and principal of  BridgePoint Financial Services . Read more

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