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BridgePoint Financial Services Inc. - John Rossos
BridgePoint Financial Services Inc.
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Since 2002, BridgePoint Financial Services Inc. (and its predecessors) has been the pioneering force in developing Canada’s litigation finance market. We are the only full-service provider of innovation funding solutions for plaintiffs, lawyers and the experts involved in advancing legal claims. The company's goal is to level the litigation playing field and to protect its clients’ rights to full and fair access to justice.

BridgePoint’s reputation and expertise has created opportunities to finance a broader range of legal claims in areas such as employment, trusts and estates, commercial, securities, class action, and mass tort in Canada, the U.K. and elsewhere.

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BICO announces sale of controlling interest to Trebuchet

BICO Risk Management Inc. has announced the sale of a controlling interest in its legal expense insurance business to a consortium led by an affiliate of Trebuchet Group Holdings Limited. Read more

Looking for third-party litigation funding: what to consider?

Q & A with John Rossos , co-founder of BridgePoint Financial Services Inc. Read more

Superior Court decision on costs 'key' for access to justice

A recent Ontario Superior Court of Justice decision on costs in a personal injury matter has “massive implications” for legal cost protection providers such as BICO Risk Management Inc. and, more importantly, will improve access to justice for plaintiffs, says John Rossos, chairman and CEO of the company. Read more

FSCO ruling changed third-party funding market: Rossos

The third-party funding market changed because of a government ruling last year, John Rossos , Chairman and CEO of BridgePoint Risk Management Inc. , tells the Law Times. Read more

Claims administration, third-party funding and access to justice

Third-party funding can not only be used to finance unresolved litigation, it can be applied in a claims-administration process to ensure plaintiffs get timely payment for settled lawsuits, says John Rossos, co-founder of BridgePoint Financial Services Inc. Read more

BICO Risk Management Inc. launches personal injury litigation product

Just weeks after BICO Risk Management Inc. , formerly BridgePoint Indemnity Company Inc., announced its new legal expense insurance product, BICO Legal Cost Protection ™ , the market has provided “overwhelming” support, says company chairman and CEO John Rossos . Read more

Changes to the class-action indemnity market, implications for counsel

By John Rossos . In the Summer of 2016, the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) and British Columbia’s Financial Institutions Commission (FICOM) issued cease and desist orders against BridgePoint Indemnity Company (Canada) Inc. (BICO.) The orders were the result of a complaint issued by a competitor, DAS, who alleged that BICO was selling “insurance” as an unlicensed insurer in contravention of provincial insurance laws. While BICO’s position at the time was, and remains, that its legal cost protection products are not “insurance," its priority was to protect the interests of its clients, the lawyers and plaintiffs who were relying on BICO to manage the risks of litigation. Accordingly, BICO resolved these issues with the Canadian regulators in a timely way by converting its legal cost protection program into an insurance-backed business. The purpose of this article is not to revisit the merits of the orders, but to explore the game-changing impact of these orders on the Canadian class-action bar and continued access to legal cost protection for and on behalf of its clients. Read more

BridgePoint offers law firm financing for fair compensation in litigation

When John Rossos co-founded BridgePoint Financial Services Inc. in 2005, he and his partner, Stephen Pauwels, set out to provide the kind of funding for law firms and their clients that would help them gain access to justice. Read more

BridgePoint offers funding alternatives for law firms

BridgePoint Financial Services Inc. provides disbursement financing to law firms to help lawyers grow their practices, fund expert reports required to validate their clients’ files and maximize compensation for their losses, says co-founder John Rossos. Read more

BICO® helps litigation guardian in $3.5M trial award

By John Rossos . BICO® was able to provide legal cost protection for a litigation guardian in Ontario, allowing their counsel, Graves & Richard Professional Corporation, the opportunity to achieve a significant trial victory on behalf of a catastrophically injured claimant. Read more

BICO legal cost protection helps secure $800,000 for injured man

An Ontario court has awarded $800,000 in damages — 25 times more than the defendant initially offered — to a 45-year-old injured man after his lawyer obtained BICO legal cost protection and levelled the playing field between the plaintiff and the defendant's insurance company, says BridgePoint Indemnity Company chairman and CEO John Rossos . Read more

Law firm funder to lend millions to U.K. personal injury practices

SpectraLegal , a business created by BridgePoint Financial Group , has launched in England and Wales with plans to lend about £50 million to personal injury law firms during 2016, says BridgePoint chairman and CEO John Rossos . Read more

Standard of care evolving to include ATE indemnity advice

For personal injury lawyers launching a lawsuit, the standard of care is evolving to include advising clients of the availability of legal cost protection, or as European insurers operating in this market refer to it, ‘after-the-event’ (ATE) insurance, BridgePoint Indemnity Company chairman and CEO John Rossos tells Law Times . Read more

Indemnity funding agreements: an issue of privilege

A recent Ontario Superior Court of Justice decision highlights important legal issues concerning privilege as it relates to indemnity and funding agreements, says BridgePoint Indemnity Company Chairman and CEO John Rossos . Read more

The recoverability of indemnity fees – the debate is just beginning

By John Rossos . Since BridgePoint Indemnity Company (Canada) Inc. (BICO) introduced BICO Legal Cost Protection TM to the Canadian legal market, a fundamental question posed by the personal injury bar is whether the indemnity fee charged is recoverable from the defendant. Until recently, there has been no Canadian decision addressing this issue. Read more