Group puts parental alienation on the map

By Staff

An international meeting on parental alienation shows the issue is gaining global attention, says Toronto family lawyer Brian Ludmer.

The Parental Alienation Study Group (PASG)is holding the first meeting of a planned annual international conference from October 21-23 in Washington, D.C., and Ludmer, principal of LudmerLaw, will be speaking at the three-day event, discussing the difficulties presented by judicial interviews and children’s suggestibility.

“These are fascinating topics, touching on some uniquely challenging problems,” Ludmer tells “Parental alienation is increasingly recognized as bringing up really tough, intractable issues, so we’re lucky to have such a strong body of experience coming together to tackle them.”

PASG was formed about four years ago as a meeting place for international professionals in the mental health and legal fields, as well as experts in child and family issues, and now has more than 300 members worldwide, spread across 40 countries and six continents.

Ludmer has been involved since the group’s formation and is active in a number of other related national and international organizations.

According to the PASG website, it describes parental alienation as a mental condition that often arises in the children of parents engaged in high-conflict separation or divorce.

To meet the definition, a child must have allied himself or herself strongly with one parent, while rejecting a relationship with the other without legitimate justification.

Part of the aim of the first meeting is to set a strategic plan for the following:

  • Educational programs for mental health practitioners, trainees, and the general public.
  • Research regarding the causes, diagnosis, and interventions for parental alienation.
  • The use of parental alienation in legal settings and advocacy with state and national legislatures.

The conference is only open to members of the PASG, but anyone interested can join up and register online.

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