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Bram Lecker
Lecker & Associates
Employment & Labour

Bram Lecker, principal of Lecker & Associates in Toronto, represents employees and focuses on employment law.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Canadian studies from York University, before earning his Bachelor of Laws from the University of Ottawa in 1983. He was called to the Ontario Bar in 1984.

Mr. Lecker litigates such matters as wrongful and constructive dismissal, severance, harassment in the workplace, and denial of disability benefits.

He has appeared before both provincial and federal courts, as well as the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal.

Practising for more than 35 years, Mr. Lecker has been published in many newspapers, magazines and legal publications and frequently appears on television and radio to discuss Ontario employment law.

In addition, Mr. Lecker has been an instructor for the paralegal programs at Humber and Seneca Colleges and sits on the board for Family & Credit Counseling Services of York Region and The Economic Club of Canada. 

Bram Lecker In The News
Disability benefits: no peace in peace of mind contracts

By Bram Lecker Many employers offer short and long-term disability Insurance benefits as enhancements to remuneration packages. These valuable extra perks, often used as ... Read more

Tread carefully when offering unpaid summer internships

Employers who plan to use unpaid summer interns should tread carefully, Toronto employment lawyer  Bram Lecker tells . Lecker, principal of  ... Read more

Fired while ill?

By Bram Lecker and Simon Pelsmakher For most of us, a secure job is one of the most important pillars in our life. It is a mainstay to financial security. Our employment laws ... Read more

Successor employers: your company has changed hands

By Bram Lecker  and Simon Pelsmakher What happens to your employment after your company changes ownership? The new owners are called successor employers and ... Read more

Can managers refuse overtime?

Refusing to work extra hours is risky business for managers, Toronto employment lawyer  Bram Lecker  tells .  Lecker, principal of  ... Read more

Medical marijuana and workplace intoxication

By Bram Lecker and Jordan Reiner Marijuana is in the news almost daily with legislation underway to legalize it. Our Parliament is currently debating Bill C-45 (The Cannabis ... Read more

Pay equity: addressing the gender wage gap

By Bram Lecker April 10, 2018, is Equal Pay Day in Ontario. It symbolizes the extra days women have to work into the new year to earn what men made the previous year. This ... Read more

Employment contracts: ready, aim, fire at will

By Bram Lecker Employment contracts: does yours pass the Canadian “smell test”? Canadians and Americans may be culturally similar on some levels. However, in ... Read more

Taking sick leave

By Bram Lecker  and Simon Pelsmakher Most employees wear their attendance record like a badge of honour. It symbolizes their work ethic and loyalty to their employer. ... Read more

Officer’s discipline could discourage other complaints

A Toronto Police Service decision to dock a female officer eight hours’ pay for being part of sexually explicit online group chats will discourage other officers from ... Read more

Employer’s duty to accommodate illness and disability

By Bram Lecker and Ian Hurley An employer’s duty to accommodate The human condition is such that anyone can suffer an illness or become disabled at any time. It ... Read more

Commission sales agents – employee or contractor?

By Bram Lecker  and Simon Pelsmakher Commission sales agents Do you know someone who perpetually has a pen in their left shirt pocket, a joke on their tongue and an ... Read more

‘Tis the season to be fired

By Bram Lecker Everyone is imbued with the holiday spirit this time of year. Everyone it seems, except large corporate employers. In our experience during the festive season, ... Read more

Nuanced right to refuse for provincially regulated workers

Provincial law takes a more nuanced approach than its federal counterpart when it comes to unsafe work conditions, Toronto employment lawyer  Bram Lecker tells  ... Read more

Disability benefits cut off?

By Bram Lecker and Ian Hurley Disability benefits cut off by your insurer? People receiving long-term disability benefits have enough to worry about. The last thing they ... Read more

Feds tout expanded parental leave, new caregiver benefit as questions remain

OTTAWA — New parents planning to begin parental leave on or after Dec. 3 will be able to spread their federal benefits over more months, but many will have to wait on ... Read more

Social media rules for workplaces

By Bram Lecker What are social media rules for workplaces? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+. These are powerful social media tools. Their use has proliferated ... Read more

Recent court decisions give employees more ammo

Two recent court decisions have given employees more tools to fight their employer when they have been denied a promised raise or promotion, says Toronto employment ... Read more

Employee mental health

By Bram Lecker and Ian Hurley An employee of a live chat provider  made the news  recently. She needed a couple of mental health days off and wrote an email to ... Read more

The impact of proposed changes to time off work

The Ontario government’s plan to improve workplace sick leave is good news for employees, allowing them to take time off work with less anxiety over repercussions, says ... Read more

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