Blair Drummie

Blair Drummie
Cabbagetown Law Chambers
Sole Practitioner
Criminal, Real Estate

Practising both criminal defence and real estate law, J. Blair Drummie has been a sole practitioner in the Toronto area since 1993. He is also co-founder/operator of Cabbagetown Law Chambers.

His real estate practice emphasizes residential transactions in the Greater Toronto Area and cottage conveyances across the province of Ontario.

Mr. Drummie handles cases that cross-over between his dual practice areas including those associated with grow-ops or mortgage fraud.

While he handles matters in all areas of criminal law in both jury and judge-alone cases, Mr. Drummie has a particular focus on bail hearings, being accessible 24-hours a day and able to attend any of the bail courts in the Toronto-area as needed.  

Mr. Drummie also focuses his criminal defence practice on defending clients charged with drug offences and robberies. 

Called to the Ontario Bar in 1993, Mr. Drummie graduated from the University of New Brunswick Law School in 1989 and was admitted to the N.B. Bar in 1990 after obtaining a Bachelor of Business degree in 1985.

He is a member of the Law Society of Ontario and the Criminal Lawyers' Association. 

Cabbagetown Law Chambers is a commercial office space offering a wide range of services to meet the needs of lawyers and law-related professionals in Toronto. It is located at 603 1/2 Parliament St., Toronto, ON M4X 1P9.

Blair Drummie In The News
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The City of Toronto should match the province's land transfer tax rebate to first-time homebuyers or it faces losing more of its tax base to the suburbs, says Toronto real estate lawyer  Blair Drummie .        Read more

Tax on foreigners buying homes could heat up market: Drummie

Toronto real estate lawyer  Blair Drummie  says the B.C. government's new 15 per cent tax on foreigners buying homes in a red-hot housing market may not cool it off as it intends. Read more

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Raising CMHC down payments doesn't take second incomes into account

New mortgage rules requiring buyers of $500,000-plus homes to have a 10 per cent down payment is mostly a solution in search of a problem, says Toronto real estate lawyer Blair Drummie .  Read more

Tighter industry rules over mortgage brokers a 'good idea,' says Drummie

TORONTO – Mortgage brokers are advocating for tighter industry rules in the wake of allegations that dozens of brokers working with Home Capital Group Inc. falsified client income information. Read more

The problem with 'insuring over' title claims

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Renovated Victorian-style home offers unique office space for lawyers

Before purchasing the building in January 2012, Drummie says he wasn't sure about the location – until he learned how much Cabbagetown had evolved over time. Read more

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