Anton Katz

Anton Katz
Anton M. Katz Barrister & Solicitor
Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Corporate

Anton Katz, a corporate-commercial/civil litigation lawyer practising in Toronto, is focused on offering small businesses practical legal help with their challenges and opportunities in a cost-effective and timely manner.

He received his Juris Doctor from Osgoode Hall Law School in 1994 and was called to the Ontario Bar in 1996. Mr. Katz has been a sole practitioner since 2001.

He served on council of the Ontario Bar Association (OBA) from 2012 to 2018 and has served as a trustee of the OBA Foundation since 2014. Mr. Katz is a mentor for both the OBA and the Law Society of Ontario and has tutored bar admission course students.

Anton Katz Posts

Limitation periods: how long do I have to begin a lawsuit?

By Anton Katz . So you think you have a claim against another person or business for harm caused by their wrongdoing. What you may not know is that you have a limited amount of time in which to commence your claim. If you fail to commence your claim within this limited time, you could permanently lose your right to be compensated by the wrongdoer. The amount of time you have in which to commence your claim is called the “limitation period.” Read more

A shareholders' agreement at outset can avoid messy litigation later

A recent case underscores why it's crucial to understand what each party’s expectations are and what pre-existing business relationships they bring to the table when drafting a shareholders’ agreement, Toronto business lawyer Anton Katz tells . Read more

What is a minute book?

By Anton Katz . If you have incorporated or are preparing to do so, you have probably heard that you will need to maintain and keep all your corporate documents, but what does that actually mean and why is it important? Read more

What happens to a shareholder’s shares if they die?

By Anton Katz . The death of a shareholder does not prevent the continued operation of the corporation, but what happens to the shareholder’s shares? Read more

Buyout provisions valuable to retain control of shares

A shareholders’ agreement should almost invariably deal with buyouts as a way to control who owns shares in the event of certain circumstances, Toronto business lawyer Anton Katz tells . Read more

Consider classes of shares to confer different rights, privileges

When structuring the share provisions of a corporation, “there is no limit on creativity other than your imagination," Toronto business lawyer Anton Katz tells Read more

Seven tips for successful business negotiations

By Anton Katz . If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, you’ve probably learned quickly that negotiation is not only unavoidable in business – it’s critical to the success of your company. Read more

Best time to draft shareholders' agreement is during incorporation

Timing is of the essence when it comes to drafting a shareholders' agreement as deferring it may later put a corporation at risk of uncertain and costly litigation, Toronto business lawyer Anton Katz tells . Read more

What you need to know about letters of intent

By Anton Katz . The very first document that is negotiated between the parties in a transaction – such as the purchase of a business – is often a letter of intent (LOI). Read more

What is the right legal entity for your business?

By Anton Katz . Are you thinking of taking your business to the next level? Maybe you’ve been running it as a sole proprietor for a while now, and want to separate personal and business assets – and risks. Read more

Annual OBA Foundation debate tackles #MeToo campaign

Join the OBA Foundation on June 6 for its third annual debate, where two seasoned legal minds will tackle the question: does ending a culture of impunity justify suspending the presumption of innocence? Read more

Lack of shareholders' agreement may lead to undesirable results

In the absence of a shareholders’ agreement, a corporation and its shareholders face a number of potentially negative consequences, Toronto business lawyer Anton Katz tells Read more

Should I have a business lawyer litigate my commercial dispute?

By Anton Katz . Small business owners are often balancing competing demands and interests, and trying to be as cost-efficient as possible when doing so. Read more

Shareholders urged to get independent legal advice

Shareholders of privately held corporations who don’t seek independent legal advice during the drafting of agreements are failing to protect their interests, Toronto business lawyer Anton Katz tells Read more

Reasons your corporate lawyer should have litigation experience

By Anton Katz . When lawyers start their practices, they often need to make the choice between pursuing litigation or corporate law. And while there are some legal professionals who transition between these two specialities, having a lawyer that practices both of them can add tremendous value to your small business. Read more