Angela Princewill

Angela Princewill
AP Lawyers
Founding Partner
Family, Immigration

Angela Princewill, founding partner of AP Lawyers in Pickering, Ont., focuses on family and immigration law.

After graduating from the University of Windsor with a Bachelor of Laws in 2007, Ms. Princewill was called to the Ontario Bar in 2008.

In her family law practice, Ms. Princewill assists clients with family law matters, such as divorce, child support, spousal support, custody, access, property division, and domestic contracts, including marriage contracts, separation and cohabitation agreements, and parenting plans.

In her immigration law practice, Y Canada Services, Ms. Princewill assists clients with their Canada immigration applications, hearings, and appeals.

She handles applications to Citizenship and Immigration Canada under various categories including family and spousal sponsorships, skilled worker applications, work permit applications, and business/investor immigration.

Her Y Canada Services website contains Canada immigration information, an immigration learning centre, how-to videos and blogs covering various topics on immigration practice areas such as work and study permits, temporary and permanent resident permits, spousal as well as child and parent sponsorship, and refugee claims.

Ms. Princewill has appeared before the Immigration Appeal Division, the Immigration and Refugee Board, and the Federal Court of Canada.

Angela Princewill In The News
Vesting orders helpful in divorce cases: Princewill

Vesting orders can be valuable in divorce cases, especially in the hands of an experienced lawyer who knows how to properly use them, Pickering family lawyer Angela Princewill tells . Read more

The benefits of hiring an immigration lawyer

Using a lawyer instead of an immigration consultant increases the likelihood of success in visa applications, says Pickering family and immigration lawyer Angela Princewill . Read more

First come, first served Jan. 28 for PGP sponsorship applications

For those who have been anxiously hoping to bring a parent or grandparent into the country, now’s the time to apply, says Pickering family and immigration lawyer Angela Princewill . Read more

Six tips to overcome the legal bully in your divorce

By Angela Princewill . Legal bullies come in a variety of forms. The most popular ones take advantage of the legal system, try to control/intimidate you by using the system against you, exhausting your legal funds, use your children against you, contradict everything (even when it’s not important!), make you feel like you are not entitled to certain relief or just intimidate you from doing anything bold. Read more

Surviving the holidays amid divorce – or if considering it

Couples undergoing separation or divorce should avoid conflict by focusing on the magic of the holiday season to ensure the well-being of their children, says Pickering family lawyer  Angela Princewill . Read more

OCL provides valuable insight from child: Princewill

The Office of the Children’s Lawyer  (OCL) brings an important voice into court proceedings involving custody and access — that of the child, says Pickering family lawyer  Angela Princewill .  Read more

How can social media aid your life during a divorce?

By Angela Princewill . Not everything about social media is negative. During a divorce, you can use it as a tool to help build yourself to get through this time. Read our post about  “ Social media and the impacts on your divorce ”  to learn about managing your online activity. Read more

Five tips on social media and the impact on your divorce

By Angela Princewill . We are in the day and age where social media is being widely recognized in the court as a form of evidence. Whether it is your Facebook profile, your LinkedIn profile, text messages, your pictures and sometimes, even your online dating profile chats! Read more

Dealing with self-reps tricky for family lawyers

Extra costs are hard to avoid when the opposing party has no legal representation, Pickering family lawyer  Angela Princewill tells . Read more

Divorce Act changes a 'step in the right direction'

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Apart but working together to raise children

Divorce is never easy, but when kids are involved, adjusting to the new reality can be the most difficult time of your life, says Pickering family lawyer Angela Princewill .  Read more

Co-habitation agreement: an uncomfortable but necessary conversation

People in a committed common-law relationship should have a cohabitation agreement to protect their interests in case the relationship ends, says Pickering family lawyer  Angela Princewill . Read more

Married vs. common-law rights after a breakup

When relationships break down, common-law spouses don't have the same rights as married couples, Pickering family lawyer Angela Princewill tells . Read more

Why January is so busy for family lawyers

Many couples consider splitting up during the month of January and talking to a lawyer can help people wade through this stressful and confusing period in their life, says Pickering family lawyer Angela Princewill . Read more

What to expect at a case conference

By Angela Princewill . It is often nerve-racking and overwhelming in the days leading up to a case conference. As such, it is important to have some essential knowledge of where you meet your lawyer/where to go, what can happen at a case conference and what happens after it is done. You will find useful information all about your upcoming court date in this document. Read more

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