Personal Injury

Does your PI lawyer go the extra mile?

By Staff

Personal injury lawyers need to be available to their clients whenever and wherever they’re required, says Toronto personal injury lawyer Andrew M. Lee.

People who have suffered injuries may not have the ability or desire to meet in a law office, says Lee, the founder and principal at Lee and Associates Personal Injury Lawyers. Lawyers at his firm make sure they are available outside of regular office hours and on the weekends, if required.

They will also travel to meet their clients at a place that’s comfortable for them. During the past three months, firm lawyers have travelled to Hamilton, Kingston, Belleville, Lindsay and Sault Ste. Marie to visit clients.

“Often, if someone is injured, they cannot get around. They may have debilitating physical or psychological injuries that prevent them from getting into a vehicle,” he tells

“But more than that, we’re in a client service industry, so if a potential client wants us to go visit them, if they feel more comfortable in their home, with family or friends or they simply find it more convenient to be at home when we visit them, we’ll accommodate that.”

The area of personal injury law is becoming increasingly competitive and Lee says it’s important for his firm of six lawyers and full support staff — including paralegals, legal assistants and law clerks — to accommodate their clients the best way that they can.

The firm’s lawyers often travel to hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and homes throughout Ontario to meet with clients and look after their needs, he says.

“It’s personal injury and we have to offer personal services. All businesses should take that extra step,” he says.

Potential clients will meet directly with one of the firm’s lawyers and receive a free consultation. The goal, says Lee, is for the potential client to be able to have their questions answered in a fair, honest and forthright manner.

And while the lawyers at Lee & Associates spend a great deal of time outside of the office, going to court, participating in mediation, examinations for discovery, pre-trials and other litigation procedures, they have access to their emails offsite and try to respond promptly.

“At our firm, we exclusively practise personal injury law,” says Lee. “We are experienced at handling challenging cases. We work with the whole gamut of other professionals in our area, such as rehabilitation specialists, case managers, occupational therapists, hospitals, and mental health specialists, and we often work with these individuals well past 5 p.m. in terms of co-ordinating client care.”

Others might want to meet at the firm’s centrally located office at Yonge Street and Sheppard Avenue, at the intersection of two subway stations and just north of Highway 401.

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