Andrew Feldstein

Andrew Feldstein
Feldstein Family Law Group P.C.
Founder, Managing Partner

Andrew Feldstein, founder and managing partner with Feldstein Family Law Group in Markham, Ont. focuses exclusively on family law.

Mr. Feldstein graduated with a Doctor of Laws from Osgoode Hall Law School in 1992 and was called to the Ontario Bar in 1994.

As a certified collaborative family law lawyer, mediator, and Dispute Resolution Officer with the Newmarket Court, Mr. Feldstein handles family law issues using alternatives to traditional court methods, including the collaborative family law process.

He was appointed to the Dispute Resolution Officer Panel for Newmarket in 2010. The panel is comprised of lawyers who support the family law court process by aiding couples in attempts to resolve their issues before their case proceeds before a judge.

Mr. Feldstein volunteers as a mentor for the Osgoode Hall Law School Mentor Program and is the chair of the Articling Committee at Feldstein Family Law Group.

He is a member of the Ontario and Canadian Bar Associations, the York Collaborative Practice, the York Region Law Association, the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, and the Markham Board of Trade.

Mr. Feldstein is creator and host of the 'Ask Andrew' show, a one-hour, phone-in, question-and-answer program which streams live on YouTube and Facebook.

Andrew Feldstein In The News
Family lawyers welcome Supreme Court ruling

The family law bar breathed a sigh of relief after the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) reinforced a common technique for securing support payments from ex-partners, Markham family ... Read more

Ensuring procedural fairness in arbitration

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Proportionality and third party disclosure

By Andrew Feldstein The parties in this case divorced in 2015 after nine years of marriage. They had two children together. The parties entered into a separation agreement ... Read more

Legal and emotional advice the priority following 'Divorce Day'

Separating spouses should get legal and emotional advice if they've decided to take part in “Divorce Day,” Markham family law lawyer Andrew Feldstein  tells ... Read more

Two habitual residences: determining jurisdiction

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First holiday after separation a challenging time: Feldstein

The first holiday period following a separation can be a challenging time for parents, Markham family law lawyer  Andrew Feldstein  tells . ... Read more

What are valid grounds for annulment?

By Andrew Feldstein In this case , the parties married on Aug. 16, 2016, but never lived together. The applicant brought an application for annulment on April 26, 2018, ... Read more

Child access in same-sex relationships

By Andrew Feldstein Notions of the “traditional” family unit have evolved over time. Accordingly, the judicial system needs to adapt to be better equipped to ... Read more

Unbundling adds options for self-reps

Unbundling could help reduce the number of self-represented parties in court, Markham family law lawyer  Andrew Feldstein  tells . The CBC ... Read more

What happens when divorced parents can’t agree?

By Andrew Feldstein In this case , the parties involved had a shared parenting arrangement for their four-year-old child. The judge ordered that the mother could make ... Read more

Save the marriage or separate? Pick a path before picking a lawyer

Spouses in troubled marriages need to pick a path for their relationship before they approach counsel, Markham family law lawyer Andrew Feldstein tells ... Read more

Underreported income: the court’s power to impute

By Andrew Feldstein The parties were married for 20 years and shared four children. The father was an accountant and operated his own business. He held licenses to practice ... Read more

Divorced parents using children's cellphones as tools of control

Divorced parents may need to impose restrictions on their child’s cellphone use in order to prevent former spouses from undermining their role, Markham family law ... Read more

The disclosure obligations of third parties

By Andrew Feldstein In this case, the wife brought a motion for financial disclosure of a company owned by her husband’s parents and an order that the husband’s ... Read more

Child support for estranged adult children

By Andrew Feldstein The parties were married for 15 years and had two children. This motion concerned the younger child, an 18-year-old university student. At the age of ... Read more

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