Andrew Feldstein

Andrew Feldstein
Feldstein Family Law Group P.C.
Founder, Managing Partner

Andrew Feldstein, founder and managing partner with Feldstein Family Law Group in Markham, Ont. focuses exclusively on family law.

Mr. Feldstein graduated with a Doctor of Laws from Osgoode Hall Law School in 1992 and was called to the Ontario Bar in 1994.

As a certified collaborative family law lawyer, mediator, and Dispute Resolution Officer with the Newmarket Court, Mr. Feldstein handles family law issues using alternatives to traditional court methods, including the collaborative family law process.

He was appointed to the Dispute Resolution Officer Panel for Newmarket in 2010. The panel is comprised of lawyers who support the family law court process by aiding couples in attempts to resolve their issues before their case proceeds before a judge.

Mr. Feldstein volunteers as a mentor for the Osgoode Hall Law School Mentor Program and is the chair of the Articling Committee at Feldstein Family Law Group.

He is a member of the Ontario and Canadian Bar Associations, the York Collaborative Practice, the York Region Law Association, the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, and the Markham Board of Trade.

Mr. Feldstein is creator and host of the 'Ask Andrew' show, a one-hour, phone-in, question-and-answer program which streams live on YouTube and Facebook.

Andrew Feldstein Posts

Cannabis legalization having little impact in family law

The legalization of cannabis for recreational use has made little difference to family law proceedings, says Markham family law lawyer Andrew Feldstein. Read more

Motion to change parenting terms

By Andrew Feldstein In this case, the Ontario Court of Appeal was tasked with deciding whether or not a father is permitted to bring a motion to change the parenting terms of an existing order. Read more

Should you track your children electronically?

By Andrew Feldstein Electronic surveillance is easily one of the biggest changes to parenting in the last decade. Today we can watch our kids with nanny cams, track their location with GPS watches and scan through their text messages and browser histories using a variety of spyware. Read more

Same approach problematic for common-law, married spouses

Equal property rights for both common-law and married spouses would remove an element of choice from couples about their relationships, says Markham family law lawyer Andrew Feldstein. Read more

When can children decide which parent to live with in Ontario?

By Andrew Feldstein Many children and parents often wonder at what age a child can decide their own custody/living arrangements. Read more

When should a court order a temporary advance of fees?

By Andrew Feldstein In this case, the court was tasked with determining whether to award the applicant with interim costs and disbursements in the amount of $150,000 in anticipation of her legal fees moving forward. Read more

Proposed tax changes to ESOs could affect child support

If you pay child support in Ontario, proposed changes to the tax treatment of employee stock options (ESOs) could affect you, Markham family law lawyer Andrew Feldstein writes in The Lawyer’s Daily. Read more

Unreasonableness amid divorce can be costly

High-conflict litigants risk high-value costs awards if they’re defeated in court, says Markham family law lawyer Andrew Feldstein. Read more

Support payments when the payor’s income is irregular

By Andrew Feldstein In this case, the court was tasked with determining the payor spouse’s income for spousal and child support purposes. This case was contentious because the payor’s income was highly irregular and there was a large difference in the amount of regular base income vs. dividend/bonus payment Read more

Determining the date of separation

By Andrew Feldstein In this case , the court was tasked with determining a couple’s date of separation which is vital in moving forward with divorce proceedings because it is the reference point used to determine when marital property shall be appraised. It also signifies the starting point for the countdown of various limitation periods. Read more

Seek Canadian legal advice before agreeing to foreign divorce

Ontario residents should seek local legal advice before going through with a divorce from a foreign jurisdiction, says Markham family law lawyer Andrew Feldstein . Read more

Anonymity in family law litigation: sealing orders, publication bans

By Andrew Feldstein . The parties in this matter have one change. A final order was in place that provided the father access to the child on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, as well as every other weekend. Read more

Long summer break can make for tricky access negotiations

The length of the school summer break can make it a sticking point between parents negotiating visitation agreements following a separation, says Markham family law lawyer Andrew Feldstein. Read more

Variation of a lifetime spousal support agreement

By Andrew Feldstein . The parties separated after being married for 17 years and entered into a settlement that was incorporated into a court order under the Divorce Act . The divorce judgment required the husband to pay spousal support in the amount of $4,000 per month "until the wife dies." The husband was a dentist earning an income between $250,000 and $300,000 at the time of the settlement. Read more

Validity of foreign divorce: Feldstein

By Andrew Feldstein. In this case , the applicant mother sought to invalidate a divorce granted in Russia, an increase in temporary spousal support, and an increase in temporary child support. The respondent father asked that summary judgment be awarded to uphold the divorce , terminate the spousal support obligation, and reduce child support. Read more