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Anderson comments 'much ado about nothing:' Rosen

Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen says the RCMP's decision to "reach out" to Pamela Anderson after she made comments in France about years of childhood sexual abuse is unusual and is "much ado about nothing" unless the actress makes a formal complaint.

"Police do not 'reach out' to sexual assault victims," he tells "Rather, they begin investigations based on complaints received."

Rosen, partner at Rosen Naster LLP, says there's little doubt that police interest in the Anderson case was sparked by "nothing more than her celebrity status and the media interest in her comments.

"No investigation can be pursued without Ms. Anderson’s assistance and co-operation," he tells the online legal news service. "She may not want to do so because she may not want to have her allegations tested in a courtroom. Cases of historic sexual assault allegations go nowhere unless the complainant provides a statement and is prepared to testify and to submit to cross-examination."

Rosen made the comments after the Canadian Press reported that the actress, who is from Vancouver Island, spoke in Cannes at an event launching the Pamela Anderson Foundation, about sexual assaults she says she endured from a young age.

Anderson, who has talked about being a survivor of rape previously, said she was molested by a female babysitter between the ages of six and 10 and that she was raped by a 25-year-old man when she was 12, and then by a group of boys, including her boyfriend, when she was in the ninth grade, says the Canadian Press.

The RCMP says the force is aware of Anderson’s speech and indicated that the RCMP is in the process of contacting her directly to discuss the matter, according to the Canadian Press.

Rosen says that if an alleged perpetrator is identified and charges are brought based on received complaints, the police in announcing the charges usually ask for others to come forward with complaints if they have any to make. Also, during investigations in sexual assault cases, he says, police routinely ask alleged victims and witnesses if they know of or have heard about anyone else who may have been sexually assaulted by the target of the investigation.

"But I think the issues surrounding Ms. Anderson and her allegations are much ado about nothing unless she makes a formal complaint and a serious investigation is undertaken that results in charges," he says.

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