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Citizen could charge Rob Ford, says Aaron Harnett

Toronto criminal lawyer Aaron Harnett's story on how Mayor Rob Ford could be charged under s. 504 in the Criminal Code by a citizen for his drug use was featured in a National Post story.

The Post referenced Harnett's story in a piece about why Ford hasn't been charged criminally for any of his misdeeds that have come out as a result of the Information to Obtain (ITO) document for Alexander Lisi being made public over the course of the last few months.

"In the case of Mayor Ford, you don’t need to have the drug to secure the conviction in light of a reliable confession," Harnett is quoted as saying in his story.

Harnett says in his piece that while this section is most typically used for these types of situations, “there are lots of examples of citizens having charges laid where police, for whatever reasons, are unwilling to do so,” and it is legally possible for someone to bring charges against the mayor for admitting to drug use and, most recently, drunk driving, without any solid evidence.

“I have had such charges laid in the past and they’ve proceeded through the criminal justice system,” says Harnett.


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