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Federation of Ontario Law Associations: Katie W. Robinette

Ontario 2019 Budget & Justice:  FOLA applauds some measures, has some concerns

The Federation of Ontario Law Associations (FOLA) was pleased to see that the Ontario Government announced in it’s April 11th Budget that it plans proposed legislation to reduce the use of civil juries for simplified procedure trials, noting that this should help maximize the use of the limited resources within the Superior Court of Justice. 

However, we are deeply concerned over the announced cuts to Legal Aid Ontario.  The government of Ontario is a key player in access to justice issues, particularly when it comes to affording legal services to the most vulnerable of the public.  Drastic cuts to legal aid funding signals that the current government is not taking any ownership, let alone a leading role, in this extremely important justice issue.

FOLA will continue to work with the Law Society, Legal Aid Ontario and the Minister to ensure that all Ontarians have professional and timely access to justice.

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