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Pressure on firms to be lean, efficient

With the end goal of reducing costs for clients, law firms such as Basman Smith LLP are always looking for ways to work as efficiently as possible, Toronto civil litigator Kevin Fisher tells Lawyers Weekly.

“There are many pressures on us to be lean and efficient,” says Fisher, a partner at the firm.

As the article notes, law firms can use a business methodology originally developed in the automobile industry to improve their efficiency and deliver better value to clients.

In manufacturing, ‘lean’ is a rigorous system for managing production and logistics. When these ideas and methods are adapted to other industries including law, they are often implemented more loosely, while staying true to core ideas such as delivering value to the customer, a focus on quality, continuously improving processes and workflow.

The article says that most well-run law firms already do this to some extent.

“We’re constantly trying to move things along as efficiently as possible to reduce costs to clients,” says Fisher.

According to Lawyers Weekly, however, the effort can be impeded by barriers, and part of the lean approach is to identify and address these obstacles. 

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