Protect your rights with allegations of corporate fraud

Employees accused of workplace fraud should contact a criminal lawyer as soon as possible to protect their rights in any future legal proceedings, says Ottawa criminal lawyer Céline Dostaler. Read more

SCC ruling notes problem people of colour have with police

The Supreme Court of Canada’s recent decision to set aside a man’s gun- and drug-related convictions because he was arbitrarily detained and searched is another reminder to police about the need to respect people’s rights, says Toronto criminal lawyer Jacob Stilman. Read more

New measures help most vulnerable immigrants

Three new measures recently announced by the federal government will help vulnerable newcomers establish themselves in Canada, says Toronto immigration lawyer Robin Seligman . Read more

Municipalities need to make secondary roads safer for cyclists

Ontario municipalities are taking steps to improve and maintain road conditions for cyclists but more needs to be done as biking increases in popularity, says Oakville personal injury lawyer Weston Pollard. Read more

Flat-fee pricing comes to family law: Princewill

Flat-fee packages can help family law litigants take control of their legal costs, says Pickering family lawyer Angela Princewill. Read more

Abhorrent conditions continue to result in reduced sentences

As long as those awaiting trial are subjected to harsh conditions, judges will continue to compensate them by reducing their sentences upon conviction, says Toronto criminal lawyer Ryan Handlarski. Read more

Restrictive covenants in employment contracts must be reasonable

Companies that want employees to sign non-competition or non-solicitation agreements have to ensure these documents are appropriately structured or else they will not be enforceable, says Toronto employment lawyer Ellen Low . Read more

Ford not hitting on all cylinders but on the right road: Rastin

Ontario’s Conservative government deserves praise for many initiatives announced in its first year in power, though it's at the risk of making serious missteps in some areas, says Barrie-area personal injury lawyer Steve Rastin . Read more

Pilot’s victory classic application of anti-SLAPP law: Winkler

The dismissal of an airline’s $10-million defamation claim against a former pilot is a textbook case of anti-SLAPP legislation in action, says Toronto litigator and mediator Howard Winkler, who acted for the pilot. Read more

Legal legend Campion has done it all during five decades in law

Toronto civil litigator John Campion calls himself the Forrest Gump of 1968. Read more

Lawyers Financial developing retirement plan for legal community

The legal community may soon be able to get in on the ground floor of an “innovative” retirement plan designed specifically for lawyers and their staff, says Dawn Marchand , vice-president of marketing, product and direct distribution for Lawyers Financial. Read more

Electronic monitoring can tip the scales in difficult cases

Electronic monitoring is an important factor that courts consider when deciding whether to grant bail to a person who might otherwise be detained, says Steve Tan, partner with Recovery Science Corporation (RSC). Read more

Concerns over police using facial recognition tools 'very real'

Canadians should urge their governments to follow the lead of San Francisco and ban the use of facial recognition tools by police services, Toronto criminal lawyer Jill Presser tells The Lawyer’s Daily . Read more

When to choose a jury in a medical malpractice case: Cahill

In complicated medical malpractice cases, the plaintiff’s lawyer often struggles with the decision of whether to take the case to a jury, Toronto personal injury lawyer Paul Cahill writes in The Lawyer’s Daily . Read more

How to legally get out of a lease: Murray

Fixed-term leases aren’t as iron-clad as they might appear to a landlord or tenant who wants to get out of their contract, says Ottawa paralegal Amri Murray. Read more

Hexigent principals join RSM Canada

Clients will reap the benefits of Ryan Duquette and Jason Green’s move from Hexigent Consulting to RSM Canada , including access to a global network and wider service offerings. Read more

Right to sue for internet defamation comes with time limits

Toronto personal injury lawyer Jessica Mahabir says her firm’s victory in a defamation lawsuit is an important lesson in timeliness. Read more

Little-known board helps with children's aid society disputes

Ontarians locked in a dispute with a children’s aid society over fostering or adoption issues can expect a quick and fair hearing from a remarkable, but little-known tribunal, the Child and Family Services Review Board, says Toronto family lawyer Gene C. Colman , whose firm recently secured a favourable decision for a foster family seeking to adopt three children. Read more

Criminal appeals true test of lawyer's mettle: Dale

Arguing a criminal appeal is one of the biggest tests a lawyer will face, requiring meticulous preparation and strong advocacy skills, says Toronto criminal lawyer Laurelly Dale. Read more

Seven ways to make any law firm run better

Humourist and author Marcel Strigberger says his "Seven Simple Ways to Diffuse Problems and Prevent Trouble" approach can help make any law firm run smoother. Read more